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    • On 5/16/2018 at 10:26 AM, Fullmetal Sorcerer said:

      because if i can't see

      the cherry blossoms

      i might as well

      become them


      i love this line a lot.

    • Angler. Real-life Pinterest Shopkeep. Human. Ambiguous age. A very eclectic sort of person, Angler has been in the town for longer than most can remember. In fact, they have only been here for a little over 20 years, but they have become such a feature in the town that everyone's memory has grown selective and people are always doubtful when thinking of a time in which Angler was not a resident. Their shop is an interesting place full of anything and everything, but mostly they deal in ideas. Their shelves are lined with bottles and parchments and also some very nice bargain craft supplies, and they will welcome you in with a smile and a cup of tea. Be wary, however; do not wake their cat, for it is older even then they and are the cruelty and scorn to their hospitable welcomes.

    • Owner of the tavern: Rogli, half dwarf, warlock, 52

      Spends a lot of time upstairs working on alchemical and magical experiments, but comes downstairs every once in a while to check up on things. This usually happens to be in the middle of one of Dragonfly's performances. Everyone is a little afraid of him because they're not sure what he's up to upstairs and he's also pretty muscular. He's fine with dark dealings going on in his tavern. The usual fights are also allowed, but he'll brake up any brawls that get out of hand.

    • Okay also more updates:

      I need a shopkeep for a pinterest but in real life thing.

      I need someone to run an antique store

      I need someone to be the manager of the tavern

      and maybe a few patrons for an inn and the tavern

      and I'll probably update this more because I still need to come up with more shops and stuff

    • Oh and more background:

      this is a fifth edition campaign

      the party consists of an elf sorcerer, a dragonborn sorcerer, a yuan-ti pureblood cleric(the one who fell for Tristan), and an orc barbarian

      it started with them getting attacked by an unknown assassin that gave them a map through the mountains outside of their village

      they started through the mountains and stopped at an inn where they met a 372 year old dwarf woman who runs the inn, Tristan the hot elf bard, a snow leopard tabaxi named Quill, and found out about an unknown tiefling (which I'm planning to make Dragonfly thank you so much) 

      they left the inn and got attacked by a gelatinous cube

      they had to answer a kenku's riddle before it let them pass

      they found Quill captured in a kenku hideout and had to save him

      they are currently in Quill's little base (a gazebo with "QUILL CAMP" printed on a sign

      and they're gonna end up in this town

      and I can't say any more or else one of them might find this and be like GASP I know what's gonna happen!!!

    • Brandy. 73. Human. Wizard. Once upon a time he was powerful. Now he runs a clothing shop. Well, "runs" is a loose term. Mostly he sleeps in his chair and trusts his well-cast spells to keep people from taking things without depositing the proper payment in the money jar. He wears nothing but his robes (which are nearly as old as he is and are beginning to show it) and various pairs of brightly colored socks. The socks are the pride of his collection and are horrendously overpriced, so no one ever buys them. This is a clever but transparent ploy to hoard them all for himself.

    • Maericia.Tabaxi. 26. Bard, but a shy bard who doesn’t really like people oohing over her singing voice. Bartender at a tavern close enough to Dragonfly that she knows about the singing and the table-jumping-lute-playing fire/hire cycle. Collects stories from everyone, people go to her for advice because she just seems to KNOW. People watcher. Will throw people out if they’re disturbing the peace, and by peace she means controlled chaos.

    • Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?

    • @thepensword I'm definitely using this, it's wonderful. Thank you so much! 

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    • Dragonfly. Tiefling. 25. Technically a bard but she's tone-deaf so she's not a very good bard. Currently works at a tavern as a waiter. Occasionally pulls out her lute, stands on a table, sings as loudly as she can, and then gets put on cleaning duty for the night and told in no uncertain terms not to do it again. Has been fired and re-hired like a bajillion times.