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    • By Autumn in The CICADAverse 1
      Hello and welcome to the shiny new Slam!
      We’re so glad you’re here. It’s been a long process getting here, and we’re over the moon that it’s finally happening.
      To start off, I’d like to encourage everyone to take a look at the rules. Let’s make sure the Slam continues to be a safe and friendly place for all. Be excellent to each other.
      Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to give you a quick tour of the new Slam forums. As always, there are sections for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. In addition, we now have subforums for roleplaying and chatting, where you can get to know one another a bit better. There is also a gallery for Slammer art. You’ll also find polls, contests, and other fun extras on our front page.
      I’m sure we’ll have to make some adjustments and troubleshoot some issues as we break in the new site—all new websites have bugs to work out. Thanks in advance for being patient with us!!
      Cicada readers probably already know that in January 2018 we will be going digital-only. The new digital mag will be housed here as well—more info on that soon!
      If you have any questions, mods will be hanging out in the Whatever forum all day, so please post them there!

      We’re so excited to start the new year with a whole new Slam. But without our Slammers, it’s just a website. Your passion, courage, compassion, kindness, and creativity are what make this the remarkable community it is. We can’t wait to see what you all will create.
      Autumn, Associate Editor
      EDIT: Oh! One more thing I forgot to mention--the first 2 posts by all new users have to be approved by the mods. This will keep spam and bots out. If there's a slight delay on your first couple of posts, that's why. :)
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    • i want my paint the color of the sea
      i want the salt blood and the brined lungs 
      i want the bird-cry voice and the dull gritty crunch between teeth.
      i want the ocean on my canvas and i want it to feel like freedom
      i want the marsh grass
      scritch scratch grass and murky, boggy mud
      i want bird wings as delicate strokes
      small white dots that aren’t clouds
      pieces of sea foam detached from the sea
      free spirit and flashing, splashing silver
      wriggling and swimming and sparkling scales
      i want the underwater flight and the midair swimming
      floating through air or water, what’s the difference 
      i want paint the color of the sky on a clear day
      the color of the wind rushing, roaring, blowing
      hair caught and flung like kite strings 
      and the kite flutters away in the wings of the gulls
      i want the waves on the end of my paintbrush 
      i want the ocean on my canvas
      i want a moving portrait of the sea.


    • I use pinterest but really sporadically and the aesthetics of the topics I follow are very specific heh

    • 10 minutes ago, mouse said:

      i'm going to keep fine tuning, and this is helpful.

      I love the intra-chapbook referencing idea. Also, I really like your intentions/interpretations of the Orion constellation/myth. As for the critiques, I am more than happy to help out. :)

      PSA to everyone: if y'all ever want critical, detailed feedback on your poems/fiction/writing, as demonstrated above, feel free to tag me and I shall provide. (I am also consistently thrilled to have my own work critiqued in a similar way, if anyone ever wants to do that.)

    • pinterest is my enemy for reverse image search but i used to have an account.......i wonder if i could make a moodboard for ya what're you lookin for

    • tired headspace reruns flicker behind loose folded arms,
      spine straight against passenger seat tipped til it won't anymore--
      i'd drive with you as far as the light pollution goes, into the
      not-quite-dark shared with star and sunset that feels like home

      wearing yesterday's kisses like exquisite purple scarf,
      eyes half-closed and staring towards orange streetlights--
      i want to see the atlantic with you, to know if whitecapped waves
      surge green and cicadas tremolo there how i imagine they do

      the red stoplight shines a million times, once for each
      raindrop on the windshield: refracting, faceted, quartzlike--
      i'd bike with you to my own childhood haunts, the concrete-
      rimmed tadpole pond and backyard green belt, berrypicking

      rock off into doze, into sleepy mind ramble and rememory,
      into loving you and loving you and loving you unspokenly--

      i'll never be anything but good for you if it's the last thing i do.

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      2 hours ago, Ainm said:

      Why green? It's an interesting detail, but possibly an unnecessary one.


      Not sure what you mean here and the arbiter of all human knowledge (Google) couldn't explain.

      I'd love to hear your reasoning behind choosing Orion... were this my poem, there'd be something about the myth of the constellation that connects to the rest of the work, and I couldn't seem to find anything about that for Orion. (Maybe consider Ursa Major or Minor instead? The myths seem fitting. [Potential trigger warning for rape mention in the myths.]) Unless, of course, Orion has personal significance for you - in which case, keep it.

      green jeans is a reference to a later poem in the chapbook. i rewrite dr. seuss's the pants with nobody inside them to be another disassociation poem, this time with a body with nobody inside it. that is why the ending is "and somedays / well," bc that is the beginning to the pants with nobody inside them (and so, the beginning of that poem). sorry, i meant to add a note on this, otherwise it's super weird and confusing :)

      dim bed as in the light and mind is dim and fading, in this bed, the bed. i could probably better explain this, my bad.

      the orion thing has been a point of discussion in the past, and i'm always curious to hear what others pull from it, bc usually everyone create something that fits. i guess i chose it mostly bc of the idea of overkill, trying too hard, or trying to impress or fulfill your crafted identity, resulting in being put into the sky next to your crimes, and being immortalized, forced to remember and be remembered, for everything you did wrong.

      your other critiques and praise- thank you so much!! i so so appreciate this, it means a lot. seriously. i'm going to keep fine tuning, and this is helpful.

    • heY do any of y'all use pinterest? like for collecting insp for projects and whatnot? bc i'm struggling to find things that capture the Vibe of my latest project and!!!! my pinterest dash is dead

    • 29 minutes ago, woundedBirds said:

      omfg i knew 'thief of blood' looked familiar..... *wonk* (im a prince of void *finger pistols*) as for capitalization ive taken to the customary capitalization of Emphasized Words (tm symbol optional)

      aLSO have you seen the new jadebloods that were leaked from hiveswap?? everyone's exploding about lesbian vampires i thought u should know skgjfsdjs

      I thought I noticed "Candy red" and "wonk" (I'm a Mage of Blood). Oh, I certainly am prone to Emphasizing Through Capitalization, sometimes to the point that it resembles a certain lesbian vampire's quirk.

      Yes I have seen them I Love Them All So Very Much

    • Critiques and comments welcome, as always.

    • i.

      on the chaos scale this week has been 
      a train wreck colliding with dragons

      add some atomic bombs
      you say and we laugh because 

              what else do you do
              what else do you do


      i am clinging to the last shreds of my sanity 
      existing in repetitions and handfuls 

              white   white          blue     pink    green
              oval     diamond    oval     circle   circle

      a discovery: these things meant to heal 
      occasionally make everything worse


              there will be brighter days
              there will be there must be

      believe because it is mandatory 
      regardless of whether it is true

      how else am i to be a pillar when
      everyone i know is crumbling

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