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    • 6 hours ago, Short_comedian said:

      In other words, its 4 months of tears.

      Okay NO. If you pick a topic you’re super interested in it’s only a week of tears after like 3 3/4 months of researching and picking layouts. 

    • 17 hours ago, queenie_flower said:

      Um what are the two options

      1. Tomato

      2. Undecided

    • 2 hours ago, Short_comedian said:

      its 4 months of tears

      it's sad how accurate that description is 

    • holy shit man dude we just did Classroom-Based Assessments for like a week and then was done with it

    • smoke on the air and

      trust us but you've failed us, haven't you?

      you've failed us again and

      again and

      again and



      drumbeat staccato rhythm

      that's no drum

      you beg our respect and yet

      you have done nothing to earn it

      tear me down into a million pieces

      i will always stand back up


      we're standing tall and

      holding hands tight

      interlock our fingers and feel my heart beat

      do not let me go

      build a wall he said so we did

      we built it in our hearts and around our bodies

      we raised the barricades and readied the siege cannons


      thief in the night, stealing our

      everything and

      it's almost funny

      that you think we'd lie down and take it


      it's your future, they say and

      think of the children

      well, the children are thinking

      eyes wide open in the fading light

      watch the earth spin loose from its orbit

      out of control like

      a broken windmill

      get off the merry-go-round if you can't take it

      but it's not stopping and there's no way off


      don't jump. dig in your heels and say no.


      black and white

      moral gray of right and wrong

      this isn't about beliefs anymore this

      is about freedom

      gold coins are glistening but

      that doesn't matter when they're soaked in our blood

      you blocked us out and shut our mouths

      and so this is war and we will win it


      ready your weapons

      answer the call


      it's our future and we are taking it

      surrender quietly because

      we're not taking survivors

      this is a battlefield and you drew the lines

      and moments later crossed them


      we've had enough


      brace yourself for the dawn

      sky turning orange or

      red like blood

      tomorrow is for us

      for our broken chains and rust-colored hearts

      fists in the air with the voices



      get ready, soldiers


      the kids have had enough.



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    • @drowntown NHD is National History Day, which is a competition to see who can do better historical research and present it. In other words, its 4 months of tears. The process paper is something that has to accompany your project to explain your process.

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    • ((ekphrastic poems are poems directly inspired by artwork or photography. im putting both the painting i did this on and the heavy Lore(tm) after the actual poem, tho))

      take a picture
      it’ll last longer

      my dear, my love for you will die
      with the paint-scribed flowers i set riverside
      to write themselves light and

      perfect upon the canvas
      sticky with linseed oil, draping
      my fingers across the creek

      find yourself, dear. find yourself
      and the love comes after

      slog back, bare feet
      compare drybrush fragments
      (splintered, thin graphite feathery
      like lines written in ice
      after a blade)
      with petals and pit

      shade-protected from wilted
      sap-heavy gold bathing the brook
      clear and refracting sharp
      bent lyre strings ‘cross skin

      ‘cross canvas, paint, palette knife
      snarling beryl and vivacious orange
      into hissing sight line, into
      technicolor tango

      take a picture. it’ll last longer.
      my dear, read my love between the lines
      i may wither someday but

      these flowers are forever


      ((after this painting by Jules Medard

      the lore/overanalyzing:


    • there are some things you cannot
      hide from people who once loved you
      among these are posture, the shuffling of feet--

      i saw you before i could make out your defining features
      silhouette in the sleet jumped my heart
      your clothes were not new

      i turned my back to you, and hoped you wouldnt recognize me
      who am i fucking kidding

      there are some things you cannot
      hide from people who once loved you
      among these are nervous habits, the bleeding lips--

      i left the bus stop.
      you stared through the glass.

      i knew that you knew
      and you knew that i did
      and sometimes that's just how things are


      ((panicking while your shitty, shitty ex happens to show up at your bus stop while you're waiting for the 245? it's more likely than you think.

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    • i think im missing something...............the fuck is NHD and judges im so lost

    • 9 hours ago, Autumn said:

      No, there are only two options. I don't make the rules.

      Um what are the two options