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First issue is GO!

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Hello, genteel and affable hominids,


Welcome to 2018, and welcome to the first week of digital CICADA. It’s been a long road getting here, and frankly we’re all about to curl up under our desks and hibernate for a few years. Or we would, if we hadn’t been living on coffee for the past month (that glamorous deadline life, heyyyy).


So, to start, here’s a bit about how the new digital mag is going to work.  Instead of inundating you with a whole bunch of content at once at the top of the month, we’re going to give you some new stories, poems, and comics to enjoy every week over the course of the month (plus some new weekly features like horoscopes and the Prompt of the Week). Releasing content on a weekly basis means we’ll be able to give you more stuff than you would’ve seen in the print magazine, so that’s pretty exciting. Make sure to check back every Monday to see the new pieces we’ve posted!


We’re pretty excited for this first week. You’ve probably seen us put out calls for reinvented fairy tales before, and I adore a creative retelling, but we’ve always been super leery of Snow White retellings because they tend to focus on women hurting one another to get ahead. That’s why Virginia Mohlere’s “A Cookpot, A Knife, A Pile of Rags” is so, so special. It’s a quietly beautiful story about women helping one another to manage trauma and heal. Plus, we get to see more of Kelsey Wroten’s gorgeous illustrations—you may remember her from our May/June 2017 cover. We get another clever (and considerably more menacing) fairy tale reworking in Sarah Allen’s poem “little red,” as well as some classic lit nods in Sarah Waring’s heartbreaking “Alice.”


In addition to some great pieces by talented folks, we’re very pleased to announce that this issue’s contest is a collaboration with Write the World, another community for young writers. Please keep an eye out for the official prompt and contest rules, and pay Write the World a visit while you’re at it! They’ve got some really fantastic resources for teen writers, as well as regular competitions.


That just about wraps it up for now, but we did want to take a quick second to thank you all for being so patient with us as we work the bugs out of our new site. It’s been a learning process for all of us, and we couldn’t have done it without your feedback. Keep it coming!


All our love,


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