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    • CICADA
    • By CICADA

    by Betsy Zaubler

    (First line is from “For the Return of the Bee” by Laura Kasischke) 


    A satellite from the sky 

    fell down to earth today

    and kids got out of school early,

    not because of the satellite

    but because it was parent-teacher conference day.

    The parents didn’t let the kids play with the satellite

    so they kicked and screamed

    because maybe the satellite had seen Jupiter or Saturn

    and all we’ve seen are oceans, and mountains, and dirt

    but the beeping, the spewing of space material 

    scared the parents and they held their kids’ hands to protect

    them from what they didn’t know, 

    so I sat with the satellite, comforting it,

    wiping away metal blood, metal tears,

    asking how did you get here? Why did you come?

    But the satellite just beeped and I imagined it telling stories

    of Mars or Pluto, of asteroids or stars

    but I couldn’t understand so I went back to wiping

    the metal blood, the metal tears,

    thinking about his, or her, or its journey

    tumbling through the sky, being ripped apart by air,

    with nothing and no one to catch it. 

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