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  • Vol.19 Num.3 "The Deep"


    The Deep

    Hello, CICADA Readers!
    We want to start off this issue by saying to all of our readers that we love you. Our readers of color, our queer and trans readers, our differently abled readers, our readers of all faiths and backgrounds—we see you, you are valued, your experiences are valid. Stay safe, keep being kind to each other.
    In this issue we're exploring The Deep—dark ocean trenches, secret crannies of the human heart, far reaches of outer space. Take a deep breath. We'll take this plunge and face whatever happens together.

    Your New Voice and You

    By Rene Sears
    You watch the mermaids swim. Sometimes you think of joining them. They're like parrotfish, bright and pretty. If you joined them, they would scatter like a school of fish when a predator comes along. So you do nothing but watch from the shadows. From there sometimes you see ships, and shipwrecks, and sailors. Then you are less tempted to join.... CONTINUE READING
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    Hello Wild Things and Good Luck

    by Sarah Hollowell
    Art by Size Meddings
    Yesterday my best friend said,
    Everything sucks,
    so she curled in on herself,
    long limbs, pierced septum,
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    Best of the Slam 2016

    It's the start of a new year, which means it's time for our annual Best of The Slam! TEAM CICADA got kinda misty-eyed looking back at all of the weird and wonderful poetry, prose, and existential flailing Slammers shared in 2016—here are just a few highlights...

    Friendly Reminder

    by Innas Tsuroiya
    When I remind you about the ocean I don't
    mean about our hypothetical
    honeymoon in some island overseas. When
    I remind you about the ocean I mean


    by Jordan Taylor
    He would have hated his own funeral. It was one of those solemn, teary small-town affairs, and was held in the Spring Hope Baptist Church, the one his mom used to go to and that he hadn’t stepped foot in since sixth grade. The sanctuary was paneled in dark wood broken by stained-glass windows showing a very Caucasian Jesus shepherding some fluffy sheep, grimy with age.... CONTINUE READING
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    by Jonathan Schneeweiss
    Izam’s fingers moved on their own. They found his sunken chest. And counted his ribs.
    His father would have slapped his hand away. A stupid habit of a stupid boy...
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