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  • CICADA and WRITE THE WORLD Joint Competition: Monster Flash Fiction

    From the Dementors to the Dark Riders, Sasquatch to Cyclops, Frankenstein to Loch Ness, monsters have long occupied our storytelling traditions and haunted our imaginations. But what makes these mythical beasts so monstrously fascinating? Is it their otherworldly origins? Our innate fear of the unknown? Or the age-old good vs. evil theme they represent?    
    This month, Write the World and CICADA invite you to submit a piece of monster-themed flash fiction to our joint competition. Drawing on the brevity of poetry and the story-arc of novels, flash fiction compresses the best parts of literature into half-pint packages. So come celebrate the art of tiny tales with us, dear writers, in monster form! Whether you write about fabled mountain creatures roaming snow-capped peaks, real-life monsters of the deep, a sympathetic monster hero, or metaphorical monsters of modern day, give us a new monster tale for our time—one that will endure for years to come.

    The winners will be featured on Write the World’s blog, and published in the March issue of Cicada online as well as on Writetheworld.com.

    Visit the official contest page for more info!

    Key Dates 
    February 12: Competition Opens  
    February 19: Submit draft for Expert Review (Optional. We will review the first 100 drafts submitted.)      
    February 23: Reviews returned to Writers  
    February 27: Final Submissions Due
    March 9: Winners Announced  

  • Below are our favorite submissions from the last contest "Twisted Fairy Tales". 

    Mission: Fairy tale villains have it rough—while the heroes get their happy endings, villains tend to meet pretty gruesome fates. CICADA wants to see this tired old trope turned upside-down. Show us a Not-So-Wicked Stepmother. Let the Big Bad Wolf get his dinner.