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  2. intro things :D

    @bearboy six of crows is one of my favorite things ever let’s be friends
  3. (comp het?) crushes & squishes

    ahahaha Mood i wanna date a girl who makes me not as scared of driving @drowntown
  4. Today
  5. An inventory of things I have to carry home on the train today

    -a laptop

    -a five-pound textbook

    -a notebook

    -a history binder

    -two folders

    -two hard-cover books

    -two paperback books

    -empty water bottle that contained breakfast

    -empty lunch container

    -copy of last month's school newspaper, nearly folded

    -stress about getting work done (but really, who isn't)

    -and that's not all, folks....

    -a cardboard box containing 11 heavy ceramic tiles

    Yay fun


  6. Exquisite Corpse, January Edition

    Through the dust something twinkles, hope or just another sun
  7. oh lore?

    Oh, fabulous, the demon had plunged the entire closet into darkness. Sure, Voss got why the little dude was so pissed off, but this felt more like dealing with a fussy toddler than an armed and dangerous creature that melted out of the floor. Voss was desperately hoping to keep it that way. So he tutted disapprovingly as he grabbed one of the candles up again and lit it with his fingers. "Sorry for, uh, slurping you? How about we- Fuck." He tried to kick the demon's feet away from the marks as best he could. "How about you stay there, okay, bud? We'll get you un-slurped. Somehow. But getting the school faculty on your ass 'cause you're running wild might not be the best solution here."

    @drowntown "Sup, Nick. I'm Caenus," Caenus said as he put the pot of water on the stove. "Wanna tell me what you're doing around here?" he asked, opening a few of the cans on the counter. "It seems like everyone in this apartment is running from something. Or to something. You don't have to answer if you don't want to. Some stories are better left unsaid. I should know."
  9. Pro Tip Of The ADHD Day: the find tool? is so good? the only reason ive been able to actually puzzle out what some of these academic texts im trying to study say is bc i picked whatever keyword i needed to know about and used it as an anchor, i Highly recommend it

    1. mousecircus


      mood but i’m autistic!! although adhd & autism do have a Lot of overlap so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

    2. conradbirdie


      yo thats so true!! autism + adhd are like. Siblings Of Each Other tbh

  10. oh lore?

    At the mention of candles, Radish passive-aggressively snuffed them all out with an ill-advised stomp of their staff. "You talkin' bout chillin? Try getting slurped straight outta yer own dimension, buddy." Exhaling pointedly, they scuffed one foot over the chalk of the summoning circle, trying to break the marks holding them inside it. "Makin' a joke, fuckers. I can't do wishes for free. That's genie bullshit. You wish for ordinary things like maybe not gettin' extremities chomped on and you oughta hope I'm in a good mood because I ain't bound to do what any a y'all's say."
  11. Weekly Poll: You are a were-animal! What do you transform into?
  12. and what if they were angels?

    dude this is sweet in the 'you got me to cry in a happy way, congrats, i love this' way and sweet as in the 'holy FUCK. thats some RAD DESCRIPTION, RAD FLOW BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS, RAD ORGANIZATION' way. i'm having trouble w/ the like button again but this was Too Good to not show appreciation of
  13. (comp het?) crushes & squishes

    oh my god ok so ive been with clark for hhhhh four months? it doesnt feel like very long AT ALL and i treasure them so much theyre?? such a good author???? and im so proud ok theyre just. so good. just in general. so good. they live kinda far away but id literally ride the bus for as long as it takes to get to them listen im gay and i cant drive but im learning to drive for htem....listen....
  14. the human state, 5 am

    idk why but i Really Love These Lines, dude! sweet imagery all the way through the entire poem, too!
  15. (comp het?) crushes & squishes

    disclaimer: this thread is basically just an excuse for me to ramble about my two comp het crushes (who i do love dearly, just not in a truly romantic sense). okay so!!!!!!!! there's alex and he's a sophomore (i'm a junior) and!!!!!!!!!! he said he loves me last night (as a friend lmao :D) when i was super paranoid? love him!!!! and he's really smart and funny and cool and and and!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah :) And Then There's Lemmings... he's my comp. het crush best friend older brother figure!!!! he tries to make sure i'm taking care of myself but given that we live on opposite coasts, that doesn't work so well :( but he tries and i love him for it! and i've known him for. idk math but early in my 7th grade year (when i was 12) which was his 9th grade year (when he was 14). i'm now almost 17, so!!! i've known him almost 5 years!!! which is a Very Long Time slhflksdfh...and like, yeah lem and i have had some Rough Times but!!!!! i love him!!!!!!!!!!!! and like... idk if he Knows that he's like? my older sibling? i'm sure he's aware but. i might show him this post later today just to be sure he Knows :) anyway!!!!!! tell me about y'all's comp. het crushes / Real Crushes / squishes! :D

    (fuck yall sorry apparently i missed the party sdkjgdjfsd) @Short_comedian Fuck? Okay? Nick was pretty damn sure that the contact in his phone labeled 'Dicklord' was not whoever had opened their home to him, but he was absolutely not about to say 'hey have we??? Met?? For long enough for me to assess your character as the kind of person who I'd put 'Dicklord' in my phone as???' so Nick's just kinda rolling with everything at this present moment. Feels good. Feels organic. Oh god please do not panic. Ok?? Grocery run? Nick did kinda need sustenance that did not take the form of freeze dried strawberries from a dollar store. And like, he'd technically prefer to stay in this apartment, but how would he say that without sounding like he was gonna rob this guy soon as he left? Exactly. Grocery run it was. Parting from the group (which was. growing alarmingly quickly, holy shit) upon actually arriving at the store, Nick dashed down the 'International' aisle for some instant kimchi rice, which was just as good as ramen with 3x the protein and at least 650 calories all packaged up in a nice lil container for $3 or less. Hell yeah. Slipping by Caenus to check out at another counter after grabbing bottled water, Nick continued to just kinda. Roll with whatever was happening. Oh. Ok. Wow. And Nick was feeling crowd panic in this Chili's tonight, yessir. He'd not bothered to like, talk to anyone really? Just chillin' with his plastic-bagged kimchi and trailing behind the group. Upon arriving back at Caenus' apartment and hearing the blanket ultimatum, Nick all but pounced on the makeshift bed and claimed two of 'em. Fuck yeah. Hopping up to stick his kimchi rice shit on the counter, Nick hesitantly offered to boil the water or something. "I'm Nick, by the way. Akoni. Nick Akoni. Have I... uh, I didn't catch your name." Smooth. Real smooth. Nick was hells of out of his league here but he didn't really. Want to leave? Because that felt rude? But hell, he's in some stranger's apartment. Fuck, he'd oughta clean the windows or something in exchange.
  17. the human state, 5 am

    Hello! I love the imagery in this and the way it flows.
  18. the real question is "how obviously gay and in want of a shorter haircut do i have to be before whoever's cutting my hair stops asking if i'm sure a million times and then tells me i cant just shower and comb it and call it a day"

    1. Over the Rainbow

      Over the Rainbow


      When I got my hair cut last the person was like, "oh, I'll do this and this and this to make the style more effeminate"

      No you really don't need to do that please...

    2. conradbirdie


      d u d e that sucks. i know they mean well but. idk how we could be any more clear dkjfvkdjf

  19. Seven Impossible Things and Jokes that are Totally Jokes

    nice job! i really like your first two lines! it's just such a neat twist on a phrase i've heard a bunch of times on the feedback side of things, the poem would probably be just as strong without the words in parentheses in the fifth stanza, but that's up to your personal taste and i think the ending wraps everything up nicely. keep writing!
  20. Writing has been pretty slow this week, sorry for bein away a lot! I hope you all are doin alright.

    1. queenie_flower


      lol don’t apologize I left for like a week straight and then slid into two RPs and just liked a bunch of stuff you’re 200% fine my dude.

  21. social media

    my pinterest is https://www.pinterest.com/amelia_case/ ...and i've got an old art tumblr than i never post on... https://liaryndraws.tumblr.com/
  22. Sticky Note Art?

    yes, for sure! this sounds super fun!
  23. the human state, 5 am

    she's compacted dust and layers of stratum she's pine wood and wicker and rusted bicycles left in the sun eyelids fighting sleep, her face like desert sand with its blotchy redness, terra cotta clay and deep purple, dry rivers around her eyes face under the faucet to wake up paint on your fake skin and delicate bronze shimmer, banish the arid wind far from this place work your magic veiling mud cracks and little pockmark hills make your eyes seem alive later water will erode the strata, driftwood and orangeade and mulberry stains on old wine glasses beneath layers of photoshop the grand canyon is breathtaking and beneath her foundation so is she ~~~ author's note: we're studying rock in science, this poem was inspired by that, and also the fact that i find people really beautiful before they do anything in the morning, no matter how dead they look lol also, hello! I'm amelia, and i've been reading your guy's poetry for a long time. (that's not creepy at all xoxo) i'm happy to finally be here, and to meet you all!
  24. Untitled(anxiety)

    This is so amazing! I love the imagery
  25. H O T W A T E R

    I have a few critiques, if you want to hear them! :)
  26. I think, therefore I am. You think not of me, therefore I am not? I am here, where I think. You think of me elsewhere, where I do not. Do I exist alone with myself? Do I exist out of control with you? Or am I stuck to an in-between existence? To be more (and less) myself I think of seven impossible things before breakfast. Like Alice, A girl who is not me, But not unlike me. Is that who I am? A girl not myself, But not completely different? But yet, Despite warring thoughts, I think of seven impossible things before breakfast. One. I am as pretty as them. Two. I am as smart as them. Three. I am as kind as them. Four. I am as funny as them. Five. I am as courageous as them. Six. I am as interesting as them. Seven. I am as talented as them. I also think of seven other (similar) things (strong, athletic, fast, so on...) After breakfast, Before lunch, After dinner, And every other second of the day. Funny, how everyone says “Everyone feels this way, The other kids are going through The same exact thing!” Funny, how everyone looks away In utter discomfort When you say how you feel. Funny, how people think it’s funny If you say what you’re feeling With a laugh Like it’s joke. When really, simply put, You’d do anything To keep the silence away. Even lie. “Omg, I’m just kidding! Lol, can’t you guys take a joke? Obviously I don’t feel that way!” -Most girls, most days... please give feedback! I'm a new writer and need to get better.
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