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  2. box block (tw past abuse)

    I just read this like four times over my dude you’re so great at this it makes me sad that this is your inspiration but glad that you can at least turn the badness into something beautiful like my god this is one prose poem I wouldn’t mind hearing read aloud it flows so well just ugh
  3. little girl (tw: attempted assault)

    you’re alone now little girl and there’s nobody to save you you said it yourself you’re no damsel in distress you need no knight to save you no matter how shiny their armor you were alone before little girl blue striped shirt tight across your chest you couldn’t breathe then you couldn’t scream if you tried for all the frogs in your throat you’d think a prince would come you felt alone then little girl nobody to free you from the metal at your spine his arm at your back that leer backed by a friend whose laughs weren’t silent nobody would see nobody did see the tower was too tall the hallways too long the staircase feels too steep now the way you trudge up them tread carefully princess for a broken shard of glass may pierce your heart again no prince charming no fairy godmother you have to save yourself you weren’t alone after little girl there were people to tell people who you didn’t want to hover to swarm you to never let you escape so you told one and she became your knight your self-appointed shadow that helped you climb the tower and even if she didn’t slay the dragon she found the slipper that fit you both you’re alone once more little girl and her laugh isn’t there to smother the silence that smothered you and her sword isn’t by your side to slay any of the dragons still in their lair at the top of the stairs and she didn’t knight another to take her place and you didn’t tell anyone else kept your mouth shut as if you were gagged with a poison apple like a good princess so you’re alone again little girl
  4. this week on: "i thought i was over this piece of literature but now that i'm writing another paper on it i'm pissed and delighted again"

  5. my fave part of the iliad is when achilles refuses to take a bash until he's buried his bf but promptly forgets about that in favor of feasting and sleeping to the point where patroculus' entire fuckin' ghost has to come to him in his dreams and go "CAN YOU P LE A SE JSUT BU RY M E" and the first thing achilles says is "why have you returned to me ????"

    1. conradbirdie


      my least fave part of the iliad is. homer's feet descriptions. "oh, a mother begging for her sons life?? feet descriptions. oh, someone suiting up for war to take revenge?? feet descriptions" nobody likes you homer just stop

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  7. Ladies and gentlefolk, my boyfriend can write better than I can.

  8. and what if they were angels?

    Dammit, I'm crying because I love you and I love this and I should be working on NHD but weebly isn't working and oh my god you're so gay and I'm so gay and I can't handle my emotions for this right now
  9. oof i've got a lot to do but i still want to reply to everyone's amazing poetry + writing so as a general thing??? holy shit i love all y'all, y'all did such a rad job, y'all are amazing

  10. krav maga

    after logan @drowntown hook punch. my father tells me when i am maybe 13 or 14 that he would love to sign me up for a self-defense class, but he’d have to get me a personal (& concussion-trained) teacher. this is a fact of my medical history. cross-body punch. my father continues, you might be in college, at a party, and a boy might say—this was before i came out—and a boy might say, “do you want to go upstairs and look at my Marvel Comics collection?” straight punch. he might pin you to the bed and leave you violated. empty. focus not on what is being protected against. focus only on going through the motions. getting these moves just right. and you’ll have to go to the police and let them probe inside of you, looking for the damaged points. uppercut. this is why i need you to be safe with boys, with girls, with anyone, really. fix your stance. i can’t make a fist properly. he gives up on the lesson. i know he’s too fearful of what lurks within me to ever successfully complete a lesson with me, anyway. too worried about me to ever put hands on me, even in a lesson. author's note: i have a crippling fear of assault/rape/etc., and i was in a situation similar to the aziz ansari stuff when i was 14. it's...not fun, hearing my own father say that what ansari's accuser reported trivializes "real" assault.
  11. frost-clouds and magic mornings

    have you ever woken to a blanket-wrapped world? i have. there's a magic in the white light that streams through your window, a magic in flinging back the curtains to a frost-covered earth. everything's clean, in the snow. everything's silent. have you ever stood in a cloud? i have. shin-deep in sugar-spun-frost, staring up as the stars flutter down, as the sky breaks into pieces to dance on your eyelashes. we are not built for the cold. our skin turns pink and our limbs numb and our eyes water and swell and our breath is clouds. by all rights, we should fear it. but who could fear something so beautiful? and in the blanket-silence broken by shrieking, ecstatic laughter, it is easy to see that we do not. there's a magic to it, you know? there's a magic in the snow days. there's a magic in the snow. AN: I. Love. Snow. Okay? I love snow. So yeah it snowed yesterday and I haven't written anything in a while so here we are.
  12. box block (tw past abuse)

    this is sad as fuck but!!!!!!!!!!! excellent concept excellent execution. thank you for killing my writer's block <3

    "Agnes, I'm not calling you a charity case. You don't have to call them if you don't want to. I'm also 20, so I don't have to check in with my parents," he said before muttering "not like they want to hear from me anyways." He looked at Nick. "Your vigilante stuff is cool, but still. Deniability. As for all you other people with criminal records, I'm not about to use that sword on a cop, if you get what I'm trying to say." When Unit Four made the comment about the heating system, Caenus laughed. It was all too true. He looked at Harley. "Can I introduce myself to them?" "I'm not all that up for sharing backstories right now, but if it'll make you feel safer about sharing an apartment with a bunch of random people, then I'll share mine." @conradbirdie @The Invincible Troodon @queenie_flower @drowntown

    @drowntown @queenie_flower Four's fans kicked in, enough that Harley reluctantly broke away from Nick to step over enough to fuss with the microphones to try and get them more evenly spaced around Unit Four. He still looked back at Nick to grin and wave him over. "June, dude, you're a continued blessing. Thanks for like- Stating your purpose and all that jazz? So, like, this is a new place for Four, so they have to work to filter out background noise for a sec. S'kinda overwhelming at first." He unwrapped his candy bar and took a bite, moving to sit cross-legged, facing Four, who beeped exactingly. That got Harley to laugh again, even if he was careful to keep it quiet so it didn't echo and register as background noise. "I'm gonna introduce y'all, okay? So, there's June, who's sitting next to me. She's pretty fuckin' sweet, looks like a fairy princess with the body of a part-time superhero. And then there's Nick, the literal part-time superhero, apparently? He's the emo fuck who's gonna give us some sweet tunes for the rest of the car ride. Nick, get over here, talk to my kid, let them figure out your voice." Four's fans quieted down, just in time for them to remark, "I'm not your biological child, though. There's nothing biological about me." "Adoption. Plus found family shit. Made? Made family?" "You got me there. Can someone tell me where we are? The heating and cooling system sounds half-broken."
  15. The RP was a fuckin PARTY last night and I completely missed it 

    1. conradbirdie


      there will be more parties In The Future, no worries!

    2. queenie_flower


      way more parties promised

  16. first at comfort, last at need

    thriving off praise is a tipsy game spending hours repeating 'comfort, advise, distract, both, all, neither', another wave of nausea at every word in case it's not good enough offering to walk the two hundred and fifty six hours to their house, saying it as a joke but actually meaning it, looking at bus schedules just to hold them for another thousand moments, brushing back hair, protecting, cradling, coaxing smiles, unable to breathe 'til they laugh and a feather to balance the scales: it takes me a full day to eat because time spent on me is not time when i'm appreciated ((i finally formatted this so Boom, That's Done. i l o v e my friends i just gotta get tf over a someone way back when who taught me the 'if you're not devoting all your time to them, you're a bad person' mentality lmao)

    @drowntown @conradbirdie @The Invincible Troodon @Short_comedian “Oh my god it lives,” June squealed, running across the room to kneel in front of Unit Four. “This is so cool. You’re so cool. I’m not the person you’re about to get music from, by the way. Oh my fucking god, you’re the coolest.” She turned her head to look at Nick. “I mean, now I really want to know more about you, Spidey. I was joking about the tragic backstory sharing time, but now I think we might need it. And no, I didn’t exactly get in trouble for beating up assholes. Well, I did once or twice. My really claim to fame with the cops was shooting a dude in the leg. He’s fine now, regrettably enough. I mean, he’s in jail, but otherwise fine.” She turned back to Four. “I saved your life earlier when you were asleep, by the way. You’re welcome.”
  18. iron & stone

    woooah, i'm in love with this bloody/gory-kinda imagery!
  19. its been over a year since i wrote a single word (tw)

    (this sounds weird but i used to scroll through the farther back pages of the slam to read poetry and your poems were always some of my favorites to read) this part is amazing O.o i love this!!
  20. untitled

    I used to be scared of you seeing me Now I'm scared of me seeing me
  21. Arms

    I used to be scared of you seeing me Now I'm scared of seeing myself

    "Oh my god. I mean, mood. Sans superpowers." Nick mimicked Harley's movements, dinner plate eyes watching Four inquisitively. "Whoa, shit, hi. What am I explaining? Because I'm gonna make it clear right the fuck now that if I'm explaining myself, in general, I have no sense of identity at all. So. No dice there, pal." Wiggling his phone, though, the screen rotated distressingly because the screen lock was off but fairly clearly on the screen was some emo bullshit. "Music? Bluetooth?" @conradbirdie

    @drowntown "He was normal before all that, though! The whole origin story thing just, like-" He mimicked some kind of 90s daytime movie trailer voice, "Whoa, what a topsy-turvy mixup! Accidentally got superpowers that just kinda give me anxiety, and now my uncle and only father figure's fuckin' dead, dude! Better get into wrestling!" Still, he broke character to fumble for his own phone, patting down his pockets like that would help at all. "Fu-uck. I do, I'd love to give you some sweet music in return, but I think I left my phone back in the car. Shit, maybe- Hold on, come meet my kid." He craned his neck enough to peer into the living room. "Hey, Four? You mind hanging onto some music that's way out of both of our tastes, just until tomorrow?" With a whirr, Unit Four booted up again. "Only if the giver of strange, non-comfort-zone music explains themselves."

    "You callin' Spiderman normal? Kid got bit by a radioactive arachnid??" Nick snorted, cocking his head as Harley got close. "Of course I have all four, what do you take me for? Free, too. Ripped 'em from YouTube. Add that to the list of unproved criminal activity, m'dude." Chuckling, he pulled out his old-ass first-gen Moto. "Takes up half the space on this thing. You got Bluetooth? We can share pirated spoils." Letting the 'emo completion' comment go with a shake of his head, Nick felt super gay in this Chili's tonight. @conradbirdie

    @drowntown "He'll be added to the 'in deep shit' list. But he's, like, a grown, super rich dude. Peter Parker and Mile Morales are normal, non-billionare kids in, like, a ton of their content. Batman can handle his own shit, I trust him." Another laugh as he leaned close enough to try and tell if Nick was joking. "And I take it you have all four? If not, I'll totally buy them for you. Uh- If they're cheap. No offence, but I'm valuing gas money over your emo completion right now, bud."
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