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  2. The Belly of the Beast

    @Hydra ’Liope thanks so much! My history teacher liked it too and said basically the same thing!
  3. Plea for help

    Thanks all. Alas, I can't do hotlines because my parents track my phone use, and I have very limited internet access, but I will probably take you up on your offers to talk.
  4. Plea for help

    Hey—we're glad you're reaching out here. I'll be online to talk, if you feel comfortable doing so. Also, I wanted to provide a few more resources for you: THE TREVOR PROJECT - an LGBTQ-focused crisis hotline http://www.thetrevorproject.org/ The hotline number is 866-488-7386. They also have a chat and text service if you cannot speak on the phone. TRANS LIFELINE - A crisis hotline staffed by trans folks for trans folks. US Number: 877-565-8860 Canada Number: 877-330-6366 http://www.translifeline.org/
  5. Plea for help

    I know this is likely a repeat of advice you've heard countless times before, but this place: National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433) 
(24 hours) Is a good (also it's anonymous) number to use if you're ever considering something like suicide. The Slam is full of kind people, and even though I don't know any of them personally, they're all really awesome and respectful and constructive. I recommend joining the Discord - if you haven't already - if you want to talk to everyone more frequently. This community is great because everyone is here for everyone else. You can talk to me, too. I can't promise I'll give good advice, but I'll listen.

    In other news, I lost 12 hours of game play and a Gyarados that I spent 4 hours on to get it to evolve from a Magikarp.

  7. Plea for help

    Hey, I know this isn't much, but 7cupsoftea.com offers free online therapy. You can always talk to me, as well.
  8. Plea for help

    Okay, so I'm really depressed, very suicidal, and my self esteem is at an all time low which is saying a lot. This is the only place I have left to turn to, and I'm not technically supposed to post anything, but please help anyways.... I honestly just really need to believe in the kindness of strangers again, and this seems like a good place to start. Thanks.
  9. Dreams

    i had this dream a couple of nights ago where I was at the doctors office and I was going to get brain surgery (it's weird--just a heads up) so they call my name and I go up from the waiting room which is just a bench right next to this chair where they want me to sit I sit and they ask me routine questions like they do in doctor's offices I think then I remember they drilled holes in the top of my cranium (in retrospect around the top of the frontal lobe or somatosensory cortex) I could feel my head vibrate and it tickled kind of like the feeling you get in your feet when you skateboard on bumpy asphalt, but in my head and in a concentrated area they did three drillings to prepare for the surgery so that when they were ready they could drill the fourth hole and remove that section of my cranium I was nervous because I didn't want to be awake while they did the surgery (i thought they were going to do it right then and there) then they give me this contraption a rod with a flat rounded extension for me to hold the part of my cranium where they drilled down that way it wouldn't break out they send me to wait in a different waiting room with my cranium cracked open for a long time then I think my dream shifted ————————————————————— I think this dream was in response to an experience I had at the ER a few weeks ago for a bloody nose that lasted over three hours the night was a back and forth of waiting for the nurses to call me and not getting much help from them when they did
  10. urban hive

    this is awesome!!!!!!
  11. Yesterday
  12. Overheard Quotes

    My friend has a Discord for out of context quotes... feel free to join! https://discord.gg/DmdjFSH
  13. The Greater Good (Pt. 4 | Finale)

    I know it’s been a while since you posted it but I just wanted to say that I reread all of this again today and I love it. Wonderful job. The fiction forum never gets enough love.
  14. Last week
  15. The Belly of the Beast

    The Belly of the Beast By MissingBit Two-hundred souls shoved into the belly of the beast. Two-hundred souls, laying on the ground, no bed in sight. Two-hundred souls, chained and shackled. Clank, clank, clank, the shackles shout in unison. Men, women, and children of all ages. Treated like cargo, shipped like cargo, sold like cargo. Hello, sir. Good weather we’re having! Why yes! Would you like to purchase a slave? Well, it could be a good present to my family back home. Excellent. This slave right here is obedient and is willing to do tedious chores! Well how much then? Why, only $675! I’ll take it! Real humans, like you and I, gifted like Christmas presents, but instead of finding a fluffy, cuddly teddy bear, you find a pained soul.
  16. Overheard Quotes

  17. glass scales and steel exoskeletons

    I like this part because before you get to the last line you can think that the ground is spattered with god. The meaning changes once you read the whole thing, but you still get both ideas.
  18. glass scales and steel exoskeletons

    the shades of gray that paint the concrete trees that glitter with scales of glass and steel exoskeletons are beautiful I suppose and the morals of the people here seem to match every possible shade of gray always in between never entirely here nor there a purgatory a maze that I will never finish let me out of this labyrinth, I cry nobody hears me or at least nobody cares to stop another beggar on the cobblestoned corner the sidewalk stained with god knows what or perhaps even god hasn’t been informed I shrink in this concrete jungle played down to a speck a pebble lost in a gravel driveway a sea of humans and noise and infinite grays the color comes through signs that scream and dance and lure us in sirenlike signals and the people with their ideas and words and clothes and music and sound I still feel small but I know this corner this little circle and I can navigate by the stars I cannot see because I know how the ground looks below them and I know the colors here the beauty that hides within the power of people Another poem inspired by @thepensword (Urban Hive go read it) and also by the biggest US city I ever visited I actually really love cities but I was small so I was overwhelmed and don’t really remember much of it. But, I now have a whole bunch of other city poems I want to write so I’m out of my sad uncreative spiral!
  19. Your weekly CICADA-scope!

    When a star twinkles it's actually a saucy wink.
  20. Week of 3/19: CICADA-scope

    Aries: All your wildest dreams will come true, which would be great news for somebody whose subconscious isn’t as relentlessly weird as yours. Taurus: Mercury is in retrograde starting this Thursday, and while you’re not 100% clear on what that means, you’re prepared to use it as an excuse for absolutely everything for the next month. Gemini: Devour. Cancer: The stars don’t want to freak you out any sooner than necessary, so they’ll, uh, let you find this one out on your own. Leo: This might be the week that cute person you’ve had your eye on finally moves out of “friend” territory and into “corroborating witness” territory. Virgo: Your budding music career will stagnate this week when it occurs to you that all the good songs about being a little teapot have already been written. Libra: When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for eyes. Scorpio: It’s a good time to make a big change in your life. Start by anchoring yourself with silk to a strong tree branch and begin the process of shedding your skin to reveal the glistening articulated exoskeleton beneath. Sagittarius: Always be yourself, no matter how many billions of people beseech you with weeping and clasped hands not to. Capricorn: You will someday have the dubious distinction of being the first human skeleton reconstructed with wild inaccuracy by alien paleontologists. Aquarius: Practice a little self-care this week! Burrow into the sweet dark earth, surround yourself in a mucous cocoon, and hibernate until everything looks a little friendlier. Pisces: Learn to see the beauty in your differences—your leathery bill and venomous ankle spurs are what make you you. images © xenia_ok/Shutterstock.com; painterr//Shutterstock.com
  21. urban hive

    Well your city sounds a lot nicer than mine.
  22. Overheard Quotes

    "That's not a shark, it's a penguin!"
  23. Overheard Quotes

    "You'll see a light, but it won't be the light of day."
  24. New flash fiction competition!

    The winners of the flash fiction competition have been announced! Check it out here.
  25. urban hive

    it's under bridge and round bend and there there she is my city oak-tree tall and bursting with life there's welcome in rainbow letters on the side of that building welcome it's an urban web where here's the suburbs and there the city there's so many towns it's like there's no difference it's one hive with many queens that school building tall and red-brick and old with the lockers inside that don't open and the kilns in the basement place of learning begats place of learning but now there's paint on her hands and chalk dust on her face and look out the window, there's the main street with colorful banners and art installations it's we have too much money so now this is cobblestone it's take this old building and paint it something new back to the oaks and the flashing tree building-side there's walter, wrapped in flags in bronze and bright and watching the crowds go to the fall and here i am on the ground level with the asphalt and covered in pigment there's a face on the street before me and the faces around me watch as down the block an acrobat backflips under flame-bright showmanship and the dancers twist as the people applaud bronze faces on the steps watch the children run laughing mom did you see the butterflies i saw the butterflies and i was one of them once when here i am, behind the bronze faces on slip-and-slide wood beneath the stagelights grace wins the election and i sing my delight and watch the little girls scream out their praises in the seats below look at her. look at what we could be. all are welcome say the rainbow letters and the air is full of song from the open-air amphitheater i sat there once and cheered and cheered and many times more by the lake with the ducks and the turtles and above, bright-lightning fireworks as the symphony swells welcome to the hot summer with sticky skin and damp hair welcome to the forest paths and the city corridors to the old buildings made new to the library built up high and the butterfly houses and the red-bar playground i once hung from the green bars and climbed that tree until i was tall the children still laugh on that playground every friday mornings with that orange flag that's where we're going this week be wild, be free be welcome welcome to the pyramid hive to the ant's nest amid the hills go east to the ocean or west to the mountains or stay here here with those rainbow letters and the flashing building tree come see the butterflies, see grace win, be someone new create your own world within the concrete walls march down the street with the signs held high and stand beneath that acorn demand your existence welcome, i ask the city and welcome, it answers back. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ don't mind me, just following the trend and writing a city poem.
  26. euphor

    walking like i'm tipsy even though it's three thirty and i'm wearing no shoes and i've had maybe three sips of wine in my life the hallway lights reflect in the floor tile and in your eyes it's too bright and i want to be alone with you and smiling's my thing i'll have crow's feet before i'm twenty and you said something about my laugh but never finished your sentence because i caught your eye in a drunken daze feeling like gravity was something i'd only dreamed about

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