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    • Hiya, so I'm the dungeon master for my friend group, and currently, they are going through the mountains, and I'm gonna have it so that they find this tiny village, and I need NPCs. Please help. If you respond, I need a name, race, age, and backstory. 
      Optional: job (I would like someone to work at the bathhouse, a few shopkeepers, a bartender, and some regular townsfolk)

      PLEASE don't be afraid to make these characters insanely weird. They've already met a 370 year old mute dwarf and an abnormally attractive elf named Tristan that one of my players proposed to. Pretty much anything goes. 

    • On 5/20/2016 at 5:27 PM, Guest Ainm said:


      Dear collette,



      at age fourteen i swore at my mother



      over a slice of toast the only thing



      i’d eaten in days so



      believe me



      there are ways to form a body 



      from a skeleton there are ways 



      to grow wings from bird bones



      the morning needs your song

      I regret, not seeing this at the time. I've recovered up to a healthy weight, although it's a constant, daily struggle. I wrote on the slam during the worst parts of my disorder, and i appreciate everyone who supported me and i probably wouldn't be recovered at this time if I'd never been part of this community. 

    • the heart function dont work on old posts but im saving this

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    • set me free from the

      möbius strip infinity

      of this

      ever-expanding universe

      where I keep asking myself

      too many questions

      what are you asking from me?

      I will not learn the answers

      when every answer is itself a question

      the tilt of your head

      how you bounce on your toes

      the curve of your smile

      a flicker of something in your eyes

      you stand in my way

      on purpose? another game?

      nothing is certain

      I know not which way is up

      I never know why or what or

      the universe curls in wavelike

      collapsing on itself

      chaos dangerous evolution


      restless or running or maybe



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