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    Show us your pantoums, your villanelles, your sonnets.


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    Sci-Fi and romance and horror, oh my.

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    Because sometimes reality is weird enough.

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    1. 1. You are a were-animal! What do you transform into?

      • The handsome and goal-oriented sockeye salmon
      • The sensitive and unconventionally attractive star-nosed mole
      • The well-dressed and financially savvy California scrub jay
      • The muscular and musically talented Amazon river dolphin
      • Wolf

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    • @bearboy six of crows is one of my favorite things ever let’s be friends
    • ahahaha Mood i wanna date a girl who makes me not as scared of driving @drowntown
    • Through the dust something twinkles, hope or just another sun
    • Oh, fabulous, the demon had plunged the entire closet into darkness. Sure, Voss got why the little dude was so pissed off, but this felt more like dealing with a fussy toddler than an armed and dangerous creature that melted out of the floor. Voss was desperately hoping to keep it that way. So he tutted disapprovingly as he grabbed one of the candles up again and lit it with his fingers. "Sorry for, uh, slurping you? How about we- Fuck." He tried to kick the demon's feet away from the marks as best he could. "How about you stay there, okay, bud? We'll get you un-slurped. Somehow. But getting the school faculty on your ass 'cause you're running wild might not be the best solution here."
    • @drowntown "Sup, Nick. I'm Caenus," Caenus said as he put the pot of water on the stove. "Wanna tell me what you're doing around here?" he asked, opening a few of the cans on the counter. "It seems like everyone in this apartment is running from something. Or to something. You don't have to answer if you don't want to. Some stories are better left unsaid. I should know."   
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