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I saw a girl in my nightmare,
She was only a stranger to me.
Her clothes were pink,
Her hair was gold,
Her rosy skin was pale as paper,
Her eyes were the winter’s cold.

I saw a girl in my nightmare,
She tried to pretend she was fine.
Her breath smelled like cinnamon gum,
To hide the taste of pills,
The shadows under her eyes only grew,
From working too hard while ill.

I saw a girl in my nightmare,
She didn’t want anymore to see,
Her shaking hands when she tried to move,
Her laughs that ended in coughing and wheezing,
How her warrior legs shook when she stood,
And that she was too tired to keep up her teasing. 

I saw a girl in my nightmare,
She tried to learn what was wrong.
Her head was spinning from so many tests,
Her arms were riddled with bruises,
From the needles that tried to heal
From those who made her choose.

I saw a girl in my nightmare,
She saw me in the mirror.
My icy eyes were melting,
I was adverse to tears.
I have pushed them away in favor of strength,
For far too many years.


authors note:

okay so last year I was intensely sick, and I’m not going to go into too much detail bc you don’t need my medical history unprovoked but I’m better now and I feel like I can post this. Idk if it invokes the same feelings for you guys as it does for me and my close friends, but if it does, like, thanks?

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