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If I flew too close to the sun
Would the wax in my wings melt
And would the feathers drift apart
And float slowly down to rest on the ocean
As I plummeted through the soulless waves?
If I raced too fast through the wind
Would the breeze tear my heartstrings
And leave me hanging breathless and alone in the sky?
And if I tried to swim, 
To catch my breath above the sea,
Would the weight of my thoughts drag me down
To the ancient stones
Where the foolish sleep with the Gods? 
It takes too long to struggle back up;
I will sink into the sand and just
Stare at the blue air high above
As a few last bubbles of breath rise
To bring my spirit to the surface. 

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constantly confused

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i know i already reacted to this but d u d e i love this, the imagery is Super Neat!

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current number of classic lit characters ive gone out of my way to project on and reason out why they might be gay: 8

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