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the moon is like a glowing crescent.

it was yellow earlier, but now it's just

grayish whitish silver.

you've been watching it for hours now.


who knows what time it is?

who cares?

you roll over and stare at the wall

of your bedroom that you painted blue last year

but you wish it was less colorful.


you don't get enough sleep

and you know it.

you've been seeing a therapist for almost a year now.

you're getting better.



your hands shake

and you're unsteady on your feet.

you turn up your music and feel your heart

match the beat.

you close your eyes.


all too soon, you open them,

wish it wasn't time to get up and go to school.

you know you could live like this.


you also know you won't.


you are a warrior



author's note:

sorry this is so fucking long, but i need to rant so. . . .


Edited by Rye
adding an author's note
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