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You must escape,
The world ends tonight.
Get out of the dark and the crumble,
The tumbled down houses
And sulfur-cracked streets. 
Run away from the smoke,
The noise of the fight,
The din and the pain
And the fire. Don’t look back,
Just get out of the city. 
Rush through the forest
And slip through the creek.
You’ll make it to rivers and 
Ancient pine trees and the
North. It’s still wild there,
Mysterious and free.
Wolves roam in the silence,
Owls soar in the breeze.
Dawn suns still rise there
Over the mountains
And wind blows strong and clean.
You can whisper there,
Yell loud as you can
And no one will hear
For the clouds lie low
And snow falls and fog
Masks the calls of the loons.
There’s room to run and keep away
From the city.
Watch the moon rise and 
Wish for grass to curl 
Around the metal, 
The broken world of the city. 
Dream of moss blankets
And frost dusted fields,
Of falling leaves and 
Leaving the end of the world
Behind. You must disappear 
Into the hills and the sky
As we near the end.
It’s time to go back to the woods.

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this feels very dystopian-changeling-esque, i love it!

current number of classic lit characters ive gone out of my way to project on and reason out why they might be gay: 8

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