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I’m cold, you said, so we lay together on the couch in the hurricane of our friends. You’re always cold, I said, but didn’t move away because hell, I was cold, too. And we lay there, my head against your collarbone and my laughter echoing in your lungs. Opposites from the normal, when you want random hugs and we’re the right height ratio for it to be the absolute most effective. Don’t you have another best friend for this, I ask. She’s too short, you respond, tucking your head under my chin.  We fit together better.
I’m hungry
, you said, and you stole popcorn from her bowl and she rolled her eyes at you but didn’t move. I didn’t that it was the only thing I’d seen her way that day. Stop chewing, I said, because your jaw kept hitting the top of my head, and you talked with your mouth full to say shut up. And we talked about pointless things like the proper way to eat French fries (no mayo. You’re a fucking psychopath) and whatever K-Pop girl you were obsessed with this week (her face, it’s just so… perfect. I don’t know if I want to have it or her) and I complimented her vaguely (have it, then maybe I’d attract boys) but not remember her name. 
And you asked me am I still your favorite fake twin? and I answered yes, obviously. My least favorite wingwoman, though and we laughed again because there was no way on this side of hell you’d ever be able to successfully pick up a guy for me, no matter how many times you said I’d totally date you. I don’t see how girls can look at guys and go ‘I’d date them’ when girls exist, but then straight boys don’t have that problem. And I rolled my eyes and said Don’t forget bi boys but you rolled your eyes back, even if I couldn’t see it and said, well, the only truly bi boy I know thinks young Putin is hot. You’re not dating him. And then we both laughed again and continued to talk about pointless things and I know that she’s going to be the one I text five years from now just to say, you lesbian spork what’s your problem today and you’ll still respond as if we were on this couch yesterday. 

Because that’s just how we are.


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