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The Flood

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The flood roared over us
Like an unexpected hug,
Heavy and sudden.
I was swept under the briny tide.
I squinted at the rush of sea,
I breathed in the warm green water.
Bubbles escaped from my eyes
And I waited in the hissing silence,
Patiently hoping to die. 

The minnows came and nibbled the tips of my toes,
I brushed the backs of turtles with my hands,
The starfish whispered ocean tales and 
Seaweed waved back at my tattered hair. 
In the dim blue light I looked at the sand
And wondered when I would die. 

Luminous fish blinked in the dusk
As the world darkened toward night. 
The flood waters ebbed, the current stilled.
I came to rest on gentle whales.
Their broad grey backs rose to the sky
As sea lions called and seagulls soared
And I asked my rippling reflection
Why I could not die.

Dawn came pink and salmon,
Until the sun set once again.
The moon shone white as silver
And volcanoes climbed and fell.
Clouds billowed through the cleanest air,
The planet kept turning, fertile and gold,
And I thought of all the stars I’d seen,
All the stories of the great ice floes.
As I remembered wonders as only time could tell,
I realized I’d wished so hard to die 
While the sweeping tide tried to bring me to life. 

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