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The will of One Thousand Bees (TW: depression)

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It started out okay

But as time went on 

And the sun started to set

The will of one thousand bees began to snap

Bending under the weight of knowing

The knowledge that as of 12 am this was the last day you existed

It sent my heart into a frenzy 

Pounding out an unfamiliar drum beat

It hurt

Beyond my limited words 

And all I could do was hear the buzzing inside my head 

And watch my breath come out in heavy clouded puffs

And feel the tears prick at my eyes burning 

But not one slipped 

And the will of one thousand Elephants replaced one thousand bees 

Buzzing became trumpeting 

And I was no longer bending 

No longer breaking. 

At least on the outside...

For I was already broken inside

Lost in a swirling black hole of everything and nothing

But now that your gone

It's doubled in size 

And now bees have been replaced with elephants

And I can already feel them fading

And when they start to kneel

There is nothing left for me to be

But broken bug wings and shattered tusk



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