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*alright so the thing is I have all these little magnets with words on them and such, and I thought why not try to write a poem using only those words? so this is what I came up with. and this just made me think about how much I freakin adore the english language!!! like, it's just so amazing!! I love words <3*


I see an elaborate picture from beneath a rose petal sky:

sweet pinks blowing lazy fingers of mist from the smooth lake, wanting

sweat is a thousand tiny diamonds on my skin

a delirious whispered language of milk and honey,

hot blood pounding in my breast and a spring symphony I am drunk on

the moon lusts over daylight, the sun soars

through raw peach summers with singing wind

a frantic red haired goddess of life, mad beauty, black seas

my feet in bitter stormy waters are bare blue shadows, never still;

with a languid purple tongue one timeless rusted cry dresses me in a luscious fashion

of music and rain and these gorgeous lively things I achingly need.

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