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Sunset Poppies

Imaginary Paintings (things that hold us back)

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A complete and

Utter blue, unsure

about whether it is the sky,

Raining and shining,

And feeding the world,

Or the sea,

Accepting what

The world does not


Or maybe neither,

Maybe just a mirror,

A reflection of such wonders.



A large dark shadow hangs,

Solid and unfazed,

Above an otherwise happy city.

It peeks at you where you stand,

And stands above mountain peaks,

Always watching, waiting, judging,

Ready to pounce.

People rebel,

But no one can defeat that

Which is not really there

Except inside of them.

So the warriors fight the beast within,

By turning guns and swords to themselves.

And the people watch as the beast grows tall,

Too tall,

And blocks the last of the sun.

And the happy city turns sad.


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