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An ode to the weird kids

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You are dreamers, you’re wild,
Trust me, I know. I was one of you once,
A long time ago. I refused to grow up,
I was strange, I was strong,                                                          
Just like you, who will never belong                             
Because you’re monsters 
And you wander the tangled roads.
You outcasts, explorers,
You search for lost treasure,
Some fantasy Holy Grail. They all stare
At you, like ticking clock faces.
‘Grow up, give up, you’re running out of time.’

But let me tell you something. 
When you wake up you’ll keep all this magic,
On basement shelves, in clear crystal jars,
and they’ll see it inside you too.
You might hide it for a bit, but
Don’t keep it away for too long. 
These thoughts are calling inside you,
They pull your soul along lost pathways,
Your heart over raging seas.
So turn your cheek to the takers,  
Give up all your bright blinding words,
Because you, the weird kids, are stronger than the rest.
You’ll last longer, sing harder,
Because it all means something to you. 

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