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Ganymede Jane

spiders against stargazing

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yellowing light

and busy hands.


i like your eyes, I

search crowds for the back of your 


bet you didn't know.

you make me laugh, you make me feel




so i ask for this light.

light and your time, light

and your time.

i don't ask for a whole lot from you.

i try to try

to be a better person.

is change a myth fed to us by

bright colors and cheerful 



I'll never know the answers

i don't know the questions, either




i'm letting it all settle into my skin:

dust suspended mid-air,

particles of light,

your hands on the piano,

stargazing blankets, but watch for spiders


until all the film is exposed

and i can make sense of what was

of what could be


we'll see it all in glorious technicolor

connect the dots, constellation


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I love the imagery you put into this and the tone of narration. I especially love though how it sounds like throughout the poem you? (the speaker?) is having different shifts of highs and lows. (That's just what i got out of it) Keep it up dude! I really like it!

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