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Howdy! Does anyone on here use audacity? I'm working on a cover CD for my boyfriend and am teaching myself how to edit audio...Unfortunately, when my dad was installing Audacity on the computer, he forgot to download some key encrypting files/programs (I don't even know) and I'm kinda at a stand still for now. While I'm waiting to actually be able to mess around with the music I currently have on my computer, does anyone have any tips? I'm the kinda guy who likes to figure these things out on his own, but I figured I could use some tips.

Not quite sure where I'm going, but I'm going somewhere, that's for sure.

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i haven't used audacity that much, but my initial reaction would just be 'uninstall it completely and download it again, making sure to check every step, if you can'? that usually solves most of my program problems! is there any particular error message that shows up, or is it more of a 'it just straight up won't start at all' sort of deal? knowing that would help a ton in puzzling it out, whether you do it yourself or ask for some tips. also, there's the official audacity forums that can be found right here: https://forum.audacityteam.org/ where they've got a ton of help forums and faq, that would probably be my number one 'Fix-All Even When I'm Not Sure What Went Wrong' thing!

current number of classic lit characters ive gone out of my way to project on and reason out why they might be gay: 8

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