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Love Burning

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With air I grow

Bold and strong

Flickers of doubts 

Shall be washed away 

When rain sputters against my flame

And thick black smoke will blind you to my faults 

As I burn the world around us

To Ash and Dust

For love I must

Edited by X_of_Coins
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28 minutes ago, X_of_Coins said:

Should have called it Love Burning... and I can't edit it anymore Ugh.

I've passed the request for longer edit time to our digital team. In the meantime, want me to edit the title for you?


EDIT: Posts should be indefinitely editable now. You should be able to change your title, if you want.

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Editor by day, ageless and nameless shadow-thing of many eyes and many arms by night. Longs to return to the warm primeval seas.

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