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stick ur bios in the comments here i think

suggested bio template:

Gender/Pronouns (if applicable)
Appearance (plus a visual reference if youve got one)
Applicable Quirks (accent, biases, languages spoken, phobias, etc)
Quick Backstory
Weapons Abilities (if applicable)
Powers? (if applicable)
RP thread the OC belongs to


ok so i have no idea how many of yall are gonna hop into this gutter fire with me but just in case somebody's doin their first rodeo and needs a few pointers:

  • godmodding is basically making your character's achilles heel too hard to hit or virtually nonexistent. consider a character with multiple flaws that also doesn't have outrageous powers far above the skill level of anyone else. (examples: idk fuckin goku or smth yall are good at character creation so im not worried)
  • autohitting is posting a (usually negative) action without giving the other person a chance to respond. consider "they stuck out their hand" instead of "they shook [character name]'s hand". try not to phrase things like "he kicked [name] in the shin". other good ways to avoid this is like during fights to phrase things like "she aimed a blow at [name]'s head that, if sustained, could knock a person out" or "they lunged at [name] to try and tackle him". you know, verbs that indicate the action is in the process of happening
  • powerplaying is similar, kinda. far as i know it means you're making actions for someone else's character. i know i had major issues with this during my first few years (probably for expediency reasons bc i was too impatient to wait and the format was so bad, so fucking bad). examples include things like "they left a medallion on the floor, where [name] could see it clearly. [name] picked it up"
  • uhh i think that's about it? another thing is that mind reading is generally frustrating for everyone and that ur character shouldn't know things that arent expressly told to them (example: knowing someone's name before meeting them)
  • ok im so bad at this but depending on the setting i feel like more action/dialogue is better than lots of internal monologue (me, weeping: but...my angsty kids...my character development...) yeah idk thats more a personal resolution than anything else
  • probably to keep things uncluttered in the threads it might be good practice to direct questions via status update + mentions therein
  • ok yall hope u have fun
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holla holla get dolla

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