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this band has soundtracked
all of my youth (that i remember,
anyway.) the anarchist played
through all of my terrible godlike 
anger, while i ended up listening to
the pass a lot of the times i was sad.

and you! you, who introduced me to them.
i can’t imagine how you feel about their...end.
i don’t know much about how you found them,
or how you got started listening to them, or anything.

(thinking back on when i started listening to them, i see
a grove of trees, and the two of us. i don’t know why, but
that visual fills me with hope.)

i wish i had seen them in concert, back in 2015. 
did you ever see them in concert, i wonder?

  • author's note: this is a very rough draft. critiques and comments welcome. it's not coming out the way i want at all, and it feels unfinished, so i'm letting y'all see it before i put it on tumblr. if it wasn't clear from the title, this is a tribute to the band rush, who recently officially disbanded...but it's also kind of a letter to my friend lem (who got me interested in their music.)
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he/him pronouns please!
butch dysphoria is real

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