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Sunset Poppies

If no one's around...

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If a girl screams

But no one’s around to hear her

Did she really make a sound?


If a girl falls to the ground

In utter desperation

But no one’s around to see her

Did she really move?


If  a room is an empty space

And no one ever comes in

To say hello.

And the girl inside

Is  never given a reason

To leave

Did the door ever open?

Or was it always locked?

Rusted shut?


If a girl does nothing

But suffer

(in silence),

If she  made sure no one knew,

Did she  ever have purpose?

Did she ever have meaning?

Did her time, her emotions

Really happen?

Or was she erased

By the many spans of nothingness…


If a girl fades

Into the




Around her

And disappears completely

But no one knew she was there in the first place

Did she really exist?

please give feedback! I'm a new writer and need to get better. 
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