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i've been really stressed the past couple of weeks, due to finals, mental health, and, to a lesser extent, social media. this site, as much as i love y'all, is the easiest for me to cut out of my social media For Now. i'll definitely check back every so often, but if you'd like to reach me elsewhere until things calm down, my contact info is as follows.

  • discord: violet (he/him)#1290
  • tumblr: shehakol (main) / jellyfishdyke (personal)
  • cell number: ask off anon on tumblr
  • instagram: vi.oletclare
  • twitter: seacrowned (main) / heartvexing (personal / heavy topics)

um yeah i think that's everything? feel free to add me (and comment who you are here, if you can). i'll see y'all soon, i hope! <3

he/him pronouns please!
butch dysphoria is real

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