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Sunset Poppies

Something Only I Remember

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I can remember so vividly

Things that never happened


I was so sure that they happened,

That they were happening,

That they were going to happen.

But the people around me disagreed.


Didn’t see from my point of view.


Because where I was,

I could,

No, I can

See beyond the little walls of a little school

Into the great wonders of  the world


I can remember fall leaves,

And polaroids,

Flowers and whispers,

Laughter and grace,

Curiosity and Intrigue,

The start of an adventure

that has no villain.


I remember fairies playing with my hair

While I run through a field of spring flowers.

And getting lost in the woods,

Only to find a  long rabbit hole,

That takes me to my true home.


I remember pixie lights,

And bare feet,

Green grass,

A beautiful summer dress.

And somewhere in the background

Someone has found an old record player,

And 60’s slow music.

Soon dancing is all we need.


I remember snowflakes

Gentle and euphoric,

Making everything ugly

In this gray colored world

A perfect

Unchanging white;

Everything glows. 

Even my flushed

Red cheeks.


But only I remember

Because everyone else says

All they saw

Was a "little girl

Not paying attention to her classes".


All they saw was a "foolish kid

Staring out the window

At nothing in particular"


All they saw was

a "daydreaming student";

Surely not a student with dreams.

please give feedback! I'm a new writer and need to get better. 
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