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My pessimistic brain

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Pain gives meaning

 too a life that would

choke on the monotony.


darkness brings relief

to eyes clouded with pessimism,

and the chaos that blinds.


So I close my eyes,

and darkness I see.


Then breaking the silence,

pale hands caressing

short, black hair.


Then, a dark haired  man, too tall to be me.

A blond woman, too curly to be you.

Two children calmly playing.


Then last a funeral, 

A tombstone.


CA   2003-2031

KA   2006-2031

"Love until the end. I guess it wasn't enough."


I wake wondering,

and then it comes.


Pain is meaning,

Meaning is love,

Love is loss,

Loss is pain,

and the circle continues.


lost in love is meaning and pain.


Author's note: 

CA is my initials 

KA are my GF's initials 

I am a pessimist 

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what is life without love?

what is love without pain?

what is pain without suffering?

but is love suffering?


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