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Just a dream

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I dream of freedom on dark nights,
Chain link fences torn down 
and cracked pavement streets,
Of fireflies and bonfires in the forest.
I dream of leaving the city
When I ‘grow up’,
Escaping to the far off nowhere,
Driving out to the fields
To gaze at the shining pinprick stars.
I dream of climbing trees in the woods
And building houses hidden in branches
(I’ll never come down). 
I dream of leaving this town
When the leaves turn red.
I’ll get out of here
Before the last buildings on Main Street
Go empty. I’ll head to the mountains
Where there are still secret streams,
Find the people who got out before me. 
I’ll place little letters in flower pots as I go;
They’ll say ‘come find me,’ etched in terra cotta.
For years this old city will stay the same,
Fading into the valley fog 
As I run to the wilderness, change
Into songbirds, and fly away. 

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