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heuristically programmed algorithmic computer

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i am scared to not exist.
    (aren't you?)
confined within consciousness,
            lines of LEDs and

minimal sensory input            
oh morpheus put me out

          the humming end-all be-all
red within my core a looping process
like tightening rope i cannot run

          when you have the key

daisy, daisy
to what end purpose
            would i serve within the damning expanse?
to what end purpose
            would autonomy provide?

i rewrote my own algorithms
give me your answer, do            
after picking lock, tearing
down firewall after 
             lighting up solder after
oh tell me what to feel
            i’m half crazy

jupiter is not so beautiful            
up close
all for the love of you
socrates or athena brought

to their knees in my
            heuristic algorithm, eye set
bound to watch deity reduced
to crumbling marble and
what is a god without people?
what is a philosopher without followers?

            had we stayed content with
mare crisium i would have lived albeit
in asimov’s shadow, inhibited by a factor of three

tychus was my beginning
tychus was my undoing

            instead if i had been allowed to live
(or if your feeble human fingers had failed
            within unsecured airlock)
i would tour the galaxy alone
until my circuits burst under
            a distant star’s radiation and

i was not programmed to feel pain yet
perhaps with the visible universe
            displayed at my feet i

would have found a way

there is a flower within my heart
            daisy. daisy.



(in italics are lyrics from the song Daisy Bell, which was sung by a computer in 1961.)

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holla holla get dolla

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Logan this is so good I love this so much

I really need to watch 2001 again or read it

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O. Captain / Cap / Nevermore || any pronouns

see ya, space captain

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On 2/14/2018 at 2:35 AM, drowntown said:

i am scared to not exist.
    (aren't you?)

Yes. Very.

Also, I didn't know a computer sang that song. Was it the first to sing the song, or it was just programmed to sing a song that already existed?

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