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good morning—evening—afternoon—day night blur

did you know that time is quicksand?

slip and slide and

i'm on a week-by-week basis

gotta get it in before the due date

before the due date

before the—


what's next?

check the box

that's that credit and then off i go

to where? to my life? to my dreams?

no, off to college,

hope you get in, hope you don't starve

here's what i want but

if i reach up will i only fall?


my worth is in percentages

in numbers

in a's and b's and c's

in test scores on that blinding bright screen


coffee shops with shuffling papers and can i afford to sleep tonight?


there's a special kind of stress

that comes when the teacher think she's the only one


here's the work, forget about the others—

this is your only class

pile it on

bend but do not break

what is it i'm aiming for?


why pile bricks on a sapling?

why must fragile bark warp,

and thin branches tremble?


i used to get excited

now i'm just struggling to survive

drowning in the haze of

test homework essay test


clean graphite circles on plain white paper


why haven't i the time to sing?





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7 hours ago, thepensword said:


why haven't i the time to sing?

That last line is so powerful; it just hit me at the end. How terrible it would be not to sing!

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