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The Valiant Knight Who Fights Unworthy Battles and Stuff

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The Valiant Knight Who Fights Unworthy Battles and Stuff

By MissingBit


Let me tell you a semi-real story.

It involves me and my sister.


It was an ordinary day like any other,

after-school, saying hi to my mother.

I sit down on the couch in my living room,

and my sister comes in to seal my doom.


"MAMA!!!" she shrieks with all her might,

looking like she just might explode like a






And explode she does.


not literally.


By calling my mom she has claimed the territory for perfect TV watching.

My mom enters the room and asks what's the matter.


My sister immediately gets sucked into a spiel about how she was there first and deserves to watch her show.

Oh, how convincing it was.


But like a knight itching to go into battle,

I unsheath my fact sword and prepare my opinion-deflecting shield 3000.


I fight

and fight

and fight

and fight.


My opponent is strong and has much power in this castle,

but I do not throw in the towel, not yet.


Soon, very soon, I am defeated and am banished to the dark corner of the castle.

Like any valiant knight should, I reflect my battle.


Was it all worth it?

For a TV?

I could've negotiated with my sister.


In the end,

if not anything,

it taught me a lesson.


Pick the fights that deserve to be fought for.


And instead of hanging my head in shame,

I own up to what I did.

And we make a deal.




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