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I want to be satisfied with what I have

I want the whole glorious world in my arms

I want to laugh until I can't breath

and talk for hours without losing our casual flow


I want to touch the hair he keeps shaking out of his eyes

I want her curves against mine and no hesitation

I want to do more than imagine

and not be afraid that outside my head nothing grows


I want the soft-blankets past and the open-air future

I want confidence when I step with my eyes closed

I want to cradle you in my arms

and be reassured by the beat of your human heart


I want the wind and the storm and pure power in my veins

I want the gentle darkness under the ocean's lull

I want to be frozen until I am ice

immune to winter and to this illogical species


I want to know everything including that I am right

I want perfection that never stumbles though the way is bleak

I want to be strong enough to stand alone

until death welcomes me and I lay down in that good house

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this isnt fair yall are all s o  g o o d im. emotional. im an extra big fan of the last stanza, it combines like. everything into one

current number of classic lit characters ive gone out of my way to project on and reason out why they might be gay: 8

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