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The Greater Good (Pt. 3)

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We couldn’t bear the sand blowing in our face anymore, so we return to the window, still wide open. One by one, I help each of my friends up.

"We need to hide Joey,” I whisper to Luke.

"But where would we?” asks Luke in return. “Every single crack and crevice is monitored by cameras.”

I glance up and see that he’s right. Cameras with their glazed eyes peer down at us. Always watching.

"We can hide him in my closet. I know for a fact that’s not monitored,” I reply.

"Oooh!” Joey suddenly says. “Are we playing hide and seek?”

"Umm…” I stammer. “Yes! We are!”

Joey excitedly jumps up and down like he’s on an invisible pogo stick.

"Ok,” I say, sighing from all the excitement from today. “Follow me this way.”

I lead Luke and Joey through the Den, making sure to hide Joey from the cameras. We cut through the crowd like a hot knife through butter. We arrive at my space, and I open the closet for Joey to hide in.

"Ok, now stay here,” I say to Joey.

Joey nods and stays put. He grabs a blanket from a lower shelf and wraps himself in it. I turn on the small light in the closet and slowly close the door.

"Phew,” I say out loud.

As we walk out of my space, we hear the loud speaker crackle to life.

"Al-All r-robo-ots... rep-report to the-e... f-front,” it spits out.

Luke and I look at each other with signs of confusion on both of our faces. We head to the Den and see all the robots gather in a circle looking up at the security station where all the guards keep watch over us. It’s a pretty big building, two stories tall and heavily employed. On the first floor is where they manage the electrical systems and watch the cameras. On the second, they have meetings and often yell at each other. The thick walls don't really do their job too good.

Luke and I join the huge lake of metal parts and gears only to see two burly men standing on the second floor balcony. With guns. They look over the crowd. Why were there men with guns?

A door behind the men opens up and a tall man in a dark green blazer strolls out, adjusting his collar cuffs. His red eyes glare upon us all and scan the crowd like a laser beam. His sleek black hair glints in the sunlight.

"Hello, my beautiful creations,” he said, making the words slither all throughout the Den. “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, however, the truth must be spread.”

He pauses.

"Pardon my bad manners,” he says. “I am Philip Stonewall. The owner of Stonewall Incorporated. Might have heard of us? Oh, of course you have. You’re in one of our… questionable factories. The PGM has cut off investment, unfortunately. Because of the condition of this place. It is for the greater good of the community. That is why we must close down operations in this establishment. Expect termination in the next few days.”

The last two sentences catch everyone off guard.

"W-we’re…” I stammer. “Getting… terminated? Deactivated?”

I turn to look at Luke. Except, Luke isn’t there anymore. In a panic, I frantically look around. There is no sign of him anywhere.




I decide to look in the most reasonable place, my space. As I enter the room I see no one. To check on Joey, I open the door to find Luke also sitting on the floor next to Joey, with Joey’s arms wrapped around him. Startled, Luke and Joey sit up. Without thinking, I join them on the floor and bring out Carl, still inside my stomach. All huddled together, we try to forget about all our worries and just rest.

"I don’t want to be terminated,” says Luke, waking everyone.

"Me either,” I say, looking down at my feet.

We all sit in silence for a while until Joey speaks up.

"What does it mean to be terminated?” he asks, with a quiver in his voice.

"It means…” I start to say. “It means… we won’t be… functioning anymore.”

"I don’t want that,” Joey says. “Why do they want to do that to you?”

"Because the company doesn’t have enough money,” I answer.

Explaining this to Joey breaks my non-existent heart.

"We’re going to escape,” Joey says with a stern look on his face. “No matter what.”

We all collectively start brightening up as we discuss what would be the best plan of action.


"How about we...”

"No that wouldn’t work. There’s too much water down there that would mess up our hardware. How about if we…”

"Well, what if we…”

"That could work unless we get caught.”

"Yea, then we would really be terminated.”

"We can be… sneaky.”

"Sneaky how?”

"I don’t know about this, guys.”

"We can dress up as them.”

"No, no. That wouldn’t work. They would notice immediately! Let’s do this instead...”


"Okay,” I say with a booming voice. “If you agree with the current plan say ‘Yes’.”

"Yes,” we all say.

"Then the vote is unanimous,” I state. “We are going to need some help to carry out the plan.”

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