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The Greater Good (Pt. 4 | Finale)

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For the next hour or so, we go robot to robot to see who is willing to help. Eventually, we get enough for Stage 1 of the plan.

"Okay,” I say with a sigh. It was getting late and we needed to start now. “Luke, you ready?”

"Umm… yea,” Luke replies, computer in his lap.

He starts typing on his computer, with great leaps of his fingers as he goes from key to key.

"I’m almost in,” he says, barely glancing over. “After I’m in and download the footage, I’ll need to quickly turn off all security cameras without them noticing.”

With a few more clicks and clacks, Luke says he’s in. I send a robot to check if any human is watching the monitors displaying the camera’s sight. He comes back to inform me that no one is there. By that time, Luke is already done downloading what we need.

"I’m shutting off the system and electrical output to the security cameras in,” Luke says. “3… 2… 1. And… done.”

One by one, the cameras flop down, the electricity draining out of them. Stage 1 is almost complete. Next step is to create a distraction. I ask two robots to pretend to fight to attract the attention of the guards. As soon as they start, just like I imagined, the guards’ attention was drawn to them, allowing me to sneak into the security building.

As Luke instructed me, I found the printer on my very left and waited 10 seconds before two pieces of paper came shooting out and into my hands. Just as I clamped down on the pieces of paper, I hear voices and footsteps echoing off the walls of the nearby hallway.

"I don’t know if that’s the best idea, sir,” I hear someone say.

"Of course it’s a good idea,” a confident and stern voice says. “Because it’s my idea.”

I recognize the voice. It's Mr. Stonewall's. I don’t have much time as the shadows in the hall are creeping closer and closer to my impending doom. I jump into a janitor’s closet right next to me and close the door behind me. I wait. And wait. And wait. I eavesdrop on their conversation.

"This will be beneficial for the company,” Mr. Stonewall says. “We don’t have to renovate to make this place suitable for factory work, and if an inspector comes then we won’t get sued!”

In that last statement, Stonewall’s voice rose to an almost friendly level, even if the context of the statement isn’t the best.

"Moving on,” I hear a new voice interrupt. “The cameras are down. All sectors. Seems to have been cut off. What should we do, sir?”

"Call a mechanic to come tomorrow,” Stonewall replies.

I hear footsteps start up, going in the opposite direction from me.

"On it, sir,” I hear the voice say.

As the footsteps fade away, I breathe a sigh of relief.

I slip out of the closet, making sure no one is around. I rush to the front door where I make it to safety. I return back to the group of robots, shaking the freshly printed photos in the air, a smile on my face. They all cheered. Without a moment to waste, we jump into Stage 2. Wait ‘till night.




Shuffling the photos around in my hand while waiting sort of cured my boredom. I looked over each one countless times. They were so… realistic. The guards would definitely fall for this.

Luke sees me staring at the photos and walks over.

"You really think they’ll work?” he asks.

"Of course,” I reply. “These are super realistic. They would probably even fool me!”

"I hope so,” Luke says with a shrug.

It’s getting dark by now and we start the second half of Stage 2. Another robot checks if anyone is on the first floor of the security building and says that it’s all clear. We move in, tape in hand, and secure the photos on top of both of the windows.

Stage 3 is to make the security guards think we’re all here. At exactly 9:00 pm, nightly roll call takes place. Everyone announces their own name and the security guards return to their post. That’s when our next part of the plan takes effect.

One by one, we all climb up to the windowsill and open up the window. It’s not as windy as it was earlier, but Joey wears his scarf anyway. We walk over to the place where Joey showed me the hole. I dig until I find it. With help from two others, we pull open the fence wide enough to let us all pass through. Once everyone is on the other side, Joey tugs on my scarf as to tell me something. He points in what seems like a random direction and then starts walking.

With no other place to go, we follow Joey. We trudge in silence for what seems like forever. We're all lucky to not have to eat food or drink water, except for Joey. I feel bad for him.

For some weird reason Joey's silence bugs me. Whenever we go outside he completely shuts down, like he's on autopilot. I think I'm just overthinking.

I see Joey as he pulls up his sleeve. A silver watch glints in the moonlight, and he flips open a cover that hides the screen where a clock should be. All I can read is "11" and Joey closes it as quickly as he opened it. He slips his sleeve back where it was at walks forward, then he bends down and sifts some sand as if looking for something. He knocks 5 times on what seems to be stone, and then nothing. However, Joey steps back. We all do the same. A slight tremble picks up and a huge hole in the sand opens up from nowhere and a small platform raises up to us. It seems to be made of metal and has rails circling the exterior. It’s big enough to fit all of us. We all step on and Joey presses a button on the rail.

"Woah,” Luke says out loud.

"Yea,” I agree.

The platform shudders as if it was about to fall, and we all reach for the nearest railing, but soon it steadies itself under our immense wait and smoothly lowers us into darkness as the hole above us closes in on itself.

A white light below us grows brighter and brighter. We’re in a… bunker?

An average-sized man greets us at the bottom. Behind him lays a stainless white lobby.

"Welcome,” the man says. “To your new home.”




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I know it’s been a while since you posted it but I just wanted to say that I reread all of this again today and I love it. Wonderful job. The fiction forum never gets enough love.

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