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Why do we march?

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Why do we march?

1.We march for the right to love.

2.We march because we are all people.

3. We march because we are all different.

4. We march because we are all alike.

My heart is no different than yours

just because it chooses to love a woman

5. We march because you can't understand that our bodies do not match our spirits.

6. We march because, in your stubbornness, you refuse to believe that the baby you held up at birth could be anything different than the gender you assigned it.

7. We march because the only thing we should be worrying about in school is homework.

8. We march because bulletproof backpack shields are heavy.

9. We march because we refuse to believe that a man living in the sky was able to conceive millions of people (or however that was supposed to work) in a day.

10. We march because you do not speak for our country.

11. We march because we are all family. 

So why do you stand still?





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