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You confuse me. I can’t understand
How, on the outside, you’re cold and strange,
Arctic fox and ice shards in the snow fields,
Frost dusted stones and frozen lakes beneath 
Rime coated pine trees. 
And then you hold out your hands to me;
Suddenly it’s warmth like autumn,
Like oaks and orange leaves,
Like cinnamon and nutmeg 
And November. 

When you hold me for those brief, hidden moments
It feels like embers and I forget how 
Your words are winter winds and your blizzard soul
Chills me to the bone. All of that is gone 
With your arms around me,
Sunset colored and comforting. 
I’ve never really been good at describing love,
But I think it’s like you, like that moment
When winter and fall are one,
When fjord blue eyes meet mine 
And campfires flicker around us
And you just stay here, with me,
And it's November. 


Author's Note: This is probably cliché and ohlook I've fallen in love with a childhood friend. 

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constantly confused

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