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the “should have” may beckon you
but I pray to you,
turn away.
for even if it glitters
prismatic under the light 
when tilted
the “would you” sneaks in from the shadows
if you fall from that rabbit hole
that blade of possibility
will become your undoing
splitting every hair into infinite halves

turn away
or the silence that burnt my tongue 
will soon match yours
temper that boils over 
and logic that
melts at a single touch

i may have carried the world
but now you hold it like it is nothing
and I pray to you 
turn away
before the “could i” creeps from underneath the crust
and four and twenty blackbirds
nest in our hearts

a bell tolls
and somewhere else,
vengeance is ours
but yet not in this universe,
for the reckoning has not yet trickled down
and the cracks in the stone 
below that waterfall
have not yet grown to let more than droplets pass

so until that day comes
turn away
for we will try to hear you
but over the roar 
of the boiling water
and through the clamorous 
birdsong in our souls
there can only be pain
turn away
and let the light trickle in 
with the water

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