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A Letter To Emma Gonzalez

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Dear Emma Gonzalez,

On Valentines Day, 2018, your life changed forever

Not because of love,

But rather, 

A lack of it.

On that day,

You lost friends you've known since you were little

And that thrust you into the national spotlight


Dear Emma Gonzalez,

You're a phoenix

You buried your friends and rose from their ashes

You became the Speaker of the Dead

You're keeping their spark alive,


Dear Emma Gonzalez,

when talking about Carmen on NPR today

you hesitated.

she wasn't just a friend, 

was she? 



Dear Emma Gonzalez,

With that spark you've lit a torch

A torch that I'm going to carry with you

Because my niece and nephew,

Should never have to be afraid of someone with their daddy's gun


Dear Emma Gonzalez,

My fist is raised


Dear Emma Gonzalez,

I'm calling BS with you


Dear Emma Gonzalez,

I won't give up


Dear Emma Gonzalez,

I'll stand at your side.


Dear Emma Gonzalez,

Thank you.


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Not quite sure where I'm going, but I'm going somewhere, that's for sure.

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