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I'm better then this

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I'm like that old house down at the end

Of my street

Beautiful and worn down

Yet lasting

But I can't help but think I'm being wasted 

And I'm better then this

Better then all of this 

These girl jokes

And subtle dismissals

Sometimes I don't think you see what your doing

I smile and laugh 

But inside I'm falling apart

Is this who I'm going to be?

Defined by my sex?

Didn't you once give me that title 

"One of the boys"

It was like the day I looked at my hands and saw callouses forming 

I was so proud

And of what? 

Shedding my gender to be like you 


That isn't true


I can do everything you do

I can even do more

Show me once and I remember

I'm being wasted 

I can be lasting like the house 

At the end of my street 

But how long can I take all of these 

Things before I start to crumble on the outside 

Not just on the inside?

How long will I last

With a cracking foundation?




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