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what if war was just a dream that dissipates like morning mist

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what if we could end all war

it's simple in theory and 

impossible in practice


all it would take is an end to all fighting

a kindness, forgiveness

we could change the world now, we could end all suffering

but just as everyone is capable of good,

everyone too is capable of evil

and why is evil so much easier to do?

what if there were no lines

and we lived boundless

what if we were not confined by the borders

scribbled in violent red crayon on construction paper earth

what if there were no refugees because there was no need of refuge

what if we ended pain and fear today

what if

what if we were birds and instead of fighting we flew?

what if we were free?

what if we were painted the colors of the canvas, bright orange and midnight blue 

what if we were all beautiful beneath the dust

what if someone had a rag to wipe off the grease stains

what if red was just sunset and not blood on our hands

what if we said good morning and we meant it?

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