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a collection of haikus i wrote for my friends

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you will grow stronger

than sequoias and in time,

you will touch the sky


this whole earth is a

blank page and your fingers are

bleeding colored ink


the waves of the sea

cannot compare to your eyes

oracle beauty


universes wait

to be unravelled, secrets

yearning to be found


sadness sinking in

like fog over fields, but soon,

the sun will shine through


laughter, golden smiles

even on sad days, you are

truly ametrine


you will find your way

although wolves howl at night, you

are safe here with us.



author's note: to selah, kalani, emma, alejandro, jocelyn, oliver, and emmelia. these could be read individually or as a single poem? i think i'm going to rewrite this with different line breaks because it seems a bit weird like this. 

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I love the first one! It's my favourite.

The one about sadness being like fog I would have preferred if it was entirely just about the feeling of sadness, because I feel like you portrayed the emotion very well in the first two sentences and I wanted to sink into it more. I feel like that's not really what you wanted to say though.

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