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you let her slip into your brain

with her stupid shining hair

(that you know is just dirty blonde but

looks like shimmering gold to you)

and her stupid voice like melted butter

so soft and sweet and lovely

and that stupid laugh like bells

(you feel strange describing her like this

because that's how authors talk in books

but there's no better way)

and plus her stupid stupid eyes

the stupidest part of all

that you hate the most

(those stupid stupid eyes gazing

velvet soft blue satin

dark and light and all the colors of a summer sky)

with stars in them

and all the brightness of the world

stupid, stupid, stupid.

Edited by writeandleft
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@writeandleft Oh wow. I hate to potentially undermine the personal piece of this but this poem reminds me so much of someone I know that I couldn't see "her" as anyone else. I love the way you so easily transitioned from annoyance to appreciation and back again without changing the flow of the words.

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