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lost monsters

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The monsters under the mountain are angry tonight,
Calling and wandering and lost, 
Wondering where their souls are.
I want to bring them back, I think, 
Into the grass covered hills and standing stones,
The ancient, rune carved rocks and foggy moors. 
Like ghosts, they don’t belong here, but 
They don’t deserve to drift into the darkness. 
Just like us, they need to be found and remembered. 

If I lay my hand flat against the stones
I can feel them humming, 
Thrumming with underground mystery.
Under the mist I can hear the monsters 
And they want to get out, tear their way
Up from the caverns and look at the stars
Because they’re less far away if you’re free. 
So I sing a song I was taught once
About light and leaving the dark behind and then

The monsters crawl out of the mountains
And into the trees, hiding away from a world 
Neither they nor I can understand. 
I can’t call them down
So I climb up the bending branches and 
Hook my claws into the bark, curl my tail
Around the trunks and stare up at the sky
We all wish we could reach. 
I don’t find the monsters around me
Strange anymore, we’re too similar 
For nervous fear and mistrust;
We’re all motley, colored and confused,
A mess of paws and wings and ink. 
Our eyes glow at the edge of the blackness
And we watch the world turn below,
Without us, because up here
We’re not monsters anymore, just alive. 

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constantly confused

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