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Sunset Poppies


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One day you told me you could not trust me

Two days later you forgave me

One week and then we’re back to fighting

Because you told me that I was stupid

And so was my writing


When we were too young to know

What friends really were

You were my enemy

Because you kept me from her

Before that I didn't even know you existed

But the second she said you guys were friends I resisted


Fast forward a year and we’ve been brought together

Because being young made us birds of a feather

We could not resist forgiveness in time

We could not resist each others funny lines


Two more years and we’ve allied against the new one

The new you that pulls her away

Then we lose her, and I think that’s when we realize

Some friends are meant to go, and some are meant to stay


Our crowning year, and we are friends proudly

We giggle and laugh and announce inside jokes loudly

Texting about things too awkward for parents

Staying with each other when their busy with errands

You looked up to me because I seemed older

And being with you I truly felt bolder


During that last year we were like sisters,

But now when I’m with you you look like I’ve given you blisters

We try so hard, but we disagree on so much

You now feel older

And in boldness I’ve lost my touch.


That last year was our all time peak

But now new friendships we’ve been left to seek

And now despite what we knew, we now know

Some friends are meant to stay, and some friends are meant to go.


please give me feedback! I can already tell this one has problems...`

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only feedback I have at the moment is that the rhyme scheme changes a few times. The poem still totally works, but you might want to stick to just ABAB or ABAC or AABB, just for consistency.

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