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Posted (edited)

I miss you Kate

More than anything


I miss your sweat on my palm

The tingle of my lips after we kiss

Knowing that I’m the only one who can make you laugh that hard

But mabye we end this way

As friends


But together


It hurts 

A lot 

Mabye you still love me

But no

You can’t 

Cause I leave for high school


when our eyes meet from across the room I feel empty

When we don’t I feel alone

When you look at him it kills me

but hey you made your choice


I asked “would you be pissed if I called you?”

you said no 

I called you and we talked like we were still together 

this is killing me


Rant finished

Edited by Connor

what is life without love?

what is love without pain?

what is pain without suffering?

but is love suffering?


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you dropped the pen names my DUDE I’m sorry it still hurts, but at least you know it meant something if it does. Your tags are relatable btw

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