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I want to be a lighthouse, to look out at the sea,
To stand at the edge but never fall in. 
I want to call you home with glowing eyes,
Tell you I’m here, I’m here,
In golden yellow blink-rhythm time. 
I want to be tall, something steadfast
That won’t ever crumble 
In a thousand years of storm.

I’ll wait by the water for lost souls like you,
Call out over the tossing waves, say
Hold on, because I am a sentinel,
Guardian of the wind-swept and weary
And my light will bring you through
The jagged rocks without a scrape.

If I was a lighthouse, I could bring you back 
Safe, steady, protected from the wear and tear
Of life on an angry, unforgiving ocean. 
Green, foaming waves would turn
Into dry land and gentle rain,
Smooth sand and windless calm. 

And if I was a lighthouse,
I would still stand there,
Over the cliffside, waiting as the years, 
Like gulls, flew over my rusting, red tin roof,
Eyes wide and searching, hoping
To rescue the wanderers, and even
If you are beneath the blue sea now,
Perhaps lighthouses can lead ghosts
Back to shore, too. 

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