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This is the you I remember loving

The girl curled up on the floor laughing

so hard she can barely breath

let alone do another set of crunches

This is the girl who used to give me bedroom eyes

on Sunday afternoons

while everyone else was still at church

Who used to pull me into a broom closet

and put her face so close to mine

we were breathing the same air

This you is the reason I fell so hard

Not just because I have a soft spot for big brown eyes

and the gentle touch of your lips lightly grazing my neck

But because you used to have this amazing fire inside of you

This passion I could feel from across the room

I fell for your wildness

And it’s these moments where you’re smiling

brighter than I've seen in practically forever

When I have to remember not to lean in

not to wrap my hands in your long dark hair

not to touch your skin

not to do any of the things we used to

because people change

but not all that much


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