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Okay so I promised my friends that our first session of D&D would be in the week after school got out for them but that's in like two weeks and I have like maybe the first hour of gameplay figured out and AGHHHHH. What I have so far is that they'll be talking in a tavern and then my assassin npc's gonna attack them and "ACCIDENTALLY" drop this map that leads through the mountains. Then I'm gonna force them to go through the mountains where there's a blizzard and they have to stop at this tiny inn run by this little old dwarf lady named Laslen and then they have to talk to Tristan who is an abnormally beautiful elf bard who's just there, and then they get some low key magic items, and then they run into that assassin in the hallway but they don't know he's the assassin cuz he's in common clothes that time, and that's literally how far I've gotten with planning. I really need help coming up with other stuff so please give weird ideas. 

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