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You reminded me I could fly

then set my wings alight

So I tear off my dress

And laugh at the scars

For I will be here when the winter comes

And I will stay

Until my soul is burned away by envy

Spring will bring forth the good in me

And force vines

Through the calcium shell that encases my heart


May butterfly wings fuse to my spine

And let sparks fly from the lightning branded at my hips

Perhaps ice will fall from my touch

As well as my lips

Or maybe my voice

Will crack the frost around your heart

And the heat from my wings

Or the fire from my tongue

Will melt the steel that encases your mind

How you forged it I’ll never know

In the meantime

I will fly far from here

Far from your words pressurized by time

Fireworks spark inside you

I will fly further than the embers

On wings that cannot be taken from me

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