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I know a dragon dark as carbon
With blue eyes like bilberries
That shine in the blackness.
She’s beautiful, slender,
Delicate fingers reach out to me
As I trace her soot-streaked sides. 
She’s quiet, too, soft in a way,
And her billowing wings unfurl gently
Each time she glides towards the sky. 

Sometimes I try to follow her but 
I’m heavy, iron-plated, steel talons
That scrabble across the cobblestone
And I can never lift off. 
Sheet metal wings could never fly
And she’s so scared every time 
I throw myself off the cliff again
Just to see if I can reach the upper atmosphere. 
But she’s always there to catch me
When, inevitably, I plummet back to the ground. 

She sighs, then, and it sounds like
Angels, or maybe the very first dragons
That walked the earth four million years ago. 
She tells me that even though she’s bone and breathing
And I’m bubbling magma and embers, 
Copper scales and built by other hands 
In some forgotten forge, I’m beautiful too.
On those days, when she takes my dented hands
In hers, the rust fades from my tarnished heart 
And perhaps I’ve started to believe her. 

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